Authenticate This TODS

  1. Yes, yes, TODS embosses the area around the zipper with this! That is one of the pictures I ask for to authenticate a TODS bag. Genuine Leather and a series of numbers & letters on one side and Made in Italy on the other.

    Post pictures of your new baby in the TODS lover thread
    Congrats on your 1st TODS!
  2. LT Bag Lady, THX so much for easing me out of my anxiety/suspense! Will post pics once I get my camera back froom my son:smile:))
  3. Thanks so much for your help!
  4. Sorry Plumberry, I missed that one.
    :tup:Authentic, this is the TODS Sofia. I will be honest, I had this bag in a lovely pink color but sold it because it is ackward - to say the least... When you carry it, it sort of leans forward... Maybe better carried as a clutch.
    Good luck!
  5. Is this Tod's bag authentic? Thank you!
    058.JPG 061.JPG 063.JPG 068.JPG 070.JPG
  6. Here are some additional photos, Thanks!
    077.JPG 082.JPG 090.JPG 093.JPG 100.JPG
  7. :tup:Authentic! This is from the Kate series. Nice color! Enjoy her! Did you buy her already? Post pictures in the TODS lover thread, helps for future reference.


  8. TQ LT Lady....
    I Like the color...

    hmm... its ackward huh? hehe... Still thinking, if it's ended cheap, I might buy it. If not, maybe next time.

    Thanks again :smile:
  9. It's hard to say from the pictures. The leather and the stitching look good but the embossing inside and outside looks to faint... I would need a better picture of the TODS embossing and the entire zippered area, the back of the zipper pull and the handle hardware to say for sure.
  10. Hi. New to the forum. Question is if anybody has bought from the deluxe moda discount site? Is it legit? Prices seem to good to be true. I just spent $1300 there, before I found your forum, so I may be posting pictures for your validation. Thanks,
  11. I have never purchased from them, so I don't know if they sell authentic. Sometimes these sites use stock photos of an authentic bag and send a fake, not saying that is what deluxe moda practices. When you receive the bag, please post pictures of the
    -inside zippered area, both sides and the center embossing
    -back of the zipper
    -zipper pulls
    -hardware engravings
    -shot of the front of the bag and the inside lining.

  12. Hi ladies,
    I am dying for a T bag. Can someone tell me which of the following is authentic? The back of the metal logo looks different! ( On the back of the metal, this one says "Tods, made in Italy." (This one only says 'made in Italy)

    Both look authentic to me, so please help!
  13. I once bought a Fendi from them. Looks like a fake to me because I have several Fendis. I returned it and got my refund the next day. So beware and good luck! Personally, I will never buy from that website anymore...