Authenticate This TODS

  1. I'm so happy you check here first!! Please feel free to have any bag authenticated on this Forum.
    I hope you find your dream bag at a great price soon!
  2. thanks for the quick reply! will post pics if i win :yahoo:
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  4. You :yahoo::yahoo:won!!! Geat price too! Show us when she arrives! Great bag, classic and beautiful!
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  6. IS this tod's authentic?
    597_1.jpg 597_2.jpg 597_3.jpg 597_4.jpg
  7. This is the Charlotte. To be sure it is real, I would need to see a close up of the area around the inside zippered pocket and the lining. This style came in 3 sizes. 519 Euro is a bit steep...
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    detail pic
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  9. Authentic!
    Nice bag, great style. The outside pockets are great for cell phone, PDA, keys...
  10. thank you so much!It's a good news for me:smile: