Authenticate This TODS

  1. Does anyone know what style it could be????? I have no idea and would really like to find out! Thanks!!


  2. I have a Tod's look book from F/W 2008/2009 where this style is listed. Admittedly there is no style name mentioned, but I believe this style is called "Helmet".
  3. Please help me!! Is this authentic? As you can see, the material from outside is very different from inside of the bag. Also, the liner of the bag is not canvas fabric. All of my tod's bags have canvas liner. Other than that, the bag seems very well made. Please help me!!
    1.PNG 3.PNG p2.JPG p4.JPG
  4. I agree with Melora, Helmut line.. Tods does not give each style a name.
  5. Authentic.
  6. @SMKIM95: the pic's of the bag you posted on 28th look fine: I say genuine without hesitation as I own this model too.
    To me the Violet one looks genuine as well. Pull looks fine too. Just ask the seller if there is a LAMPO zip in the bag! But I am sure that the experts here can tell you more about it!
  7. P.S. SMKIM95 there are a few ways to verify a genuine Tods. Won't reveal there here for obvious reasons but you can find them via Google as well ;)
  8. Wow! Thanks for your opinion.
  9. Thanks, can you please tell me what photos you need so I can upload them?