Authenticate This TODS

  1. Oh Thanks for your prompt response. Appreciate much :graucho:
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  3. Please authineticate

    Item Name: Micky Rodeo Bag
    Listing Number: 320886831655
    Seller Name or ID: lacienegajewelryloan
    Working Ling:

    TIA, I am very new to Tod's and appreciate the help.
  4. Authentic, but it is not the Rodeo as indicated, it is just the Micky, the Rodeo has tassles.

  5. Thanks so much LT. You're the best!
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  7. Could somebody please authenticate these shoes for me? Thanks!
    name: Tods ballet flats

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  9. No red flags is good enough. :biggrin:
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  11. Hello. I am pretty sure this Tod's bag is authentic however I would like to get it authenticated anyways and also to know what style it is! I have NO idea!! I tried looking all over the net for a style like this and cant find anything. The leather is sooo soft. I Love it!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

    After many attempts I am not sure how to get the photos on here!! Can someone help me or can I email the photos to you?? Any help would be great!! thank you!!