Authenticate this TOD's please?

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  1. Saw and bought this from eBay? what do the experts out there think???


    Thanks you all in advance!!
  2. Is this a stock photo? If so then there's no way to tell until you get the real item in person. Do you have any other photos?
  3. We need some close-ups, especially of the interior.
  4. Two another Tod's bags - Miky, black and blue.

    These auctions seem to good to be true, but still I ask. What questions should I ask the seller? Or perhaps anyone has bought from them and can tell whether they're reliable?

    Thanks a lot,

  5. Well, Daniellesboutique is known for selling some authentic interspersed with some fakes. Search other threads. The first one, which I checked out previously, may be legit but the use of stock photos always causes suspicion. I would ask for more photos of the actual item, esp. the inside and the dust cover.
  6. ^^I have that bag, but that's a stock photo. No way to know what you're really getting. Ask for specific pictures-and closeups w/ interior, etc.
  7. Yes, yes, yes. When the seller only provides stock photos, a potential buyer needs clear photos of the interior--any tags, stamped areas, the lining, zipper/pull, etc. You need to see the actual item that is up for auction, not a standard photo.
  8. Yes, definitely ask for photo of actual item, if seller can't provide them then chances are they are selling fakes.
  9. Mojo, that Tods is faked a lot! That is a stock picture, 1st red flag! Aske seller for pictures of the actual bag you will receive and post here again. If seller refuses to send more pictures, RUN in the other direction!

    Anna - The Nomade is too new a style to be faked yet. The bag is authentic and be prepared for the bidding to go up over $300.00. I saw that bag in many colors at the outlet 3 weeks ago for over $600.00 after 20% off!
    Ask the seller for more pictures, need to see the inside zip to be 100% sure, but so far it looks very good, I can safely say 'authentic'.
  10. The Nomade can be faked out. I have seen them FAKED! So buyer beware!
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