Authenticate this Tod's bag

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  1. Tod's can be difficult to authenticate. Hopefully somebody on tPF will have seen this bag IRL and help you more.

    I have a few Tod's bags and they all have different markings. First, the Tod's emblem should be embossed on the zipper pull. It looks that way from the blurry photo but I would prefer it to be a clear picture.

    Mine also have an embossed "T" or "Tods" oval leather tag stitched on the inside of the bag (or it can be just be on part of the leather on the inside of the bag. Hard to describe. I don't have my camera today so I can't take any pics of my bags.

    Other than that, maybe somebody here can help you more - good luck!!
  2. Thank you, maxter!

    Can anyone else have any input?

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  3. ^agree with maxter. it would be good to get a better shot of the zipper pull to see the logo.

    eta: also ask for a more clear shot of the Tod's leather patch thing in the front. it should be clearly embossed...
    also, and i only noticed this bc i just put my bag up on ebay and a buyer wanted pics of the inside: when you look inside at the bottom, you will see 4 screw heads (corresponding to the metal feet on the outside of the bag). they should look like (-) with the - part going all the way across. i hope this makes sense..
  4. Thanks, jennifer! I had mixed feelings about this bag to begin with... I think I'll pass on it - not quite the style I was looking for. Why do I have to be so complicated? :smile: