Authenticate This Thomas Wylde

  1. if anyone know about this bag please help
    13e0_1.jpg 15e5_1.jpg 1277_1.jpg df39_1.jpg e3c9_1.jpg
  2. Hi, could someone help me authenticate this Thomas Wylde Oxford bag?
    TWYLDE.jpg twylde2.jpg twylde3.jpg twylde4.jpg twylde5.jpg
  3. Hi can anyone help me authenticate this scarf?
    ab27_12.jpg ad09_12.jpg aeba_12.jpg
  4. Anyone? :sad:
  5. It's fake. The real one was selling on Bluefly. The tag is wrong. I can't remember off the top of my head what it says but it doesn't say just Thomas Wylde. Also the real ones have square ends, not uneven ends. See if you can buy the real thing on Bluefly instead!
  6. OK, allow me to clairfy further.

    1. The tag is in the wrong place on the scarf. On real scarves, it's on the end, not sewn in the middle.

    2. Real scarves are squared off at the ends.

    3. This scarf you purchased doesn't have an origin tag nor a tag that says it's 100% silk.

    4. Real scarves don't just say Thomas Wylde.

    Here's a pic of what a tag looks like on a REAL Thomas Wylde scarf. Counterfeiters and scamming sellers beware, potential buyers take a look:

  7. I gotta say it's real. I have one of the original scarves from Thomas Wylde, purchased from an authorized retailer.
    Your scarf is exactly like mine, from the original introduction.
    Last year due to some legal issues, that I've read about Paula Thomas changed her logo and tags to read as lori's scarf does.
    I think you have an original authentic scarf.

    I'd be happy to post photos, just let me know.
  8. What does the texture of yours feel like?
  9. I'm not sure but I'm concerned about the fact they don't accept paypal. If the bag turns out to be fake you don't have any protection from eBay/PP.

    I also find it strange that the receipt from Barney's shows a full price of $2200 yet the tag that is allegedly shown attached to the bag has a line through it, which would make you think the bag was on sale.

    I'm not seeing things match up and I'm uneasy about it.
  10. Thank you so much!
  11. The seller of the first bag states that they are a member of the Purse Forum.