Authenticate this site -

  1. i just found this web, sells chloe, balanciaga, fendi, prada with very very incredible price... god.

    is there anyone know the web? fake or authentic?

    fashionbags online
  2. Have never heard of them, but the paddingtons they have on there are horrible fakes! £189 for an authentic paddington? No way! Save your money.
  3. thanks leanbeanee. i think so.
    but what i wonder is that how can they declaim that all they sell is authentic??
  4. It's so wrong for a retailer to make false claims like that! But there are plenty of them out there do this. Just be careful. :smile: There's also several who sell authentics too!
  5. Hi there,

    I've only just signed up today to this site and am looking for some help with purchasing a Balenciaga Gold studded city bag in black. I'm based in the UK but there's not that many stores aroung where I live that sell this bag so am looking to buy online. Have found this site and wondered if it's selling fakes as the prices are too low. Any advice would be helpful...

    Thanks x

  6. Hi and welcome to The Purse Forum!

    NO...these are all fakes. And not very good ones at that. For a list of dealers that sell authentic Balenciaga, go to:

    Best of luck and post pics of any purchases! :yes:
  7. Maggien is correct, stick with reputable stores that carry Bbags. The website you referred here sells fakes.
  8. Thanks! I thought the site was too good to be true. Think I'll save my money and buy elsewhere. :smile:
  9. please help me identifiy this website because i might order from here.
  10. Looks fake. It's not just the prices concern me, but the grammar and punctuation are off.
  11. aww okay thankyou very much! i will stay away from that one then lol.
  12. I always say, if it looks to good to be true then it is.
  13. The prices are listed in Sterling Pounds and not in US dollars. If you haven't already on the left hand of the website there's an option to choose the currency of your country. That may explain why the prices seem low. As for if they are real or fake that would be hard to verify as the company is based in the UK.
  14. They claim to have replicas for some designers bags. But for Balenciaga and Chloe, they actually say it's authentic.

    :tdown: or :tup: