Authenticate This Samantha Thavasa


i luv purses
Sep 23, 2008
United States

I just purchased these two Nicky Hilton for Samantha Thavasa purses online and I was told they are authentic so if anyone can confirm that, it would be super helpful. I'm giving these as gifts and want to make sure they aren't fake. (and yes I know they're way old, lol)... :okay::P

The black one has silver stars but the chain has gold stars so I don't know if that matters?




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Jun 6, 2015
Hello. :smile: I would like to know how to tell the difference between a real Samantha Thavasa handbag and a fake.

I keep seeing these cute Samantha Thavasa bags on ebay, but i have no clue which one of them are the real deal.

Tbh, i wouldn't mind a replica bag, as long it is of good quality. I just want to know that is what it is, and i don't want to pay the price of and authentic one, for a fake. So, can someone help me out? Thank you. :biggrin: