Authenticate This SAINT LAURENT

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  1. Hi, Can someone please help me clarify something about the Saint Laurent Petite Ligne Y? I have attached photos here. I just want to know if there is an inscription of Made in Italy below the "Saint Laurent" found inside the bag for the authentic bags...Thank you very much. I would really appreciate any input.
  2. is there a serial number inside the satin pocket? This bag is a nightmare because fakes are so good and without papers and a dustbag, it can easily be mixed....I am afraid I can not say anything...I was burned by good looking fake in photos, but when I got it the smell was like cobblers smell of treated leather, and papers were all cheap wrong text etc etc, so I returned it
  3. there are no photos attached :sad:
  4. Hi Vesna, thanks for your kind help. I have attached one image with the dustbag and check with the seller on the serial number. Is there anything else I need to do? I am hoping it is authentic so I can purchase it with no worries.

  5. yes, dust bag should be without the bag so that YSL is seen

  6. Thanks vesna!!
  7. Hi Vesna, I've been asking for more pics, but to no avail. I'm guessing it might be fake. Anyway, Ive moved on to look for another clutch.
    If its not too much of a trouble, could you help me verify the following?

    Name: YSL Belle De Jour Cream
    Seller: smooshincookies

    Name: YSL Belloe De Jour Gold
    Seller: luxporter

  8. Please help me to authenticate this YSL Chic Cabas.

    Item: YSL Cabas Chyc
    Listing Number: 181526901792
    Seller: remi914
    Comments: please help me!

    Thanks in advance 🙏
  9. although both look good in photos, I am cautious again because I was burned by the fake which looked right in the photos...there is not enough detail to say about any of the two, because of lack of serial number, dust bag clear photo and papers
  10. Thanks Vesna! Maybe I will hold first. It seems that this particular model is very prone to fakes. Thanks again for the advice!