Authenticate This SAINT LAURENT

  1. Thanks vesna. I do really love this bag! The leather is "wow" and the stitching is first rate. I'm thinking maybe from mid or early '80's. Anyone?
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    Helo Ladies, please help me authenticate this pair of YSL shoes. I've previously asked this at the glass slipper thread but no one replied. :sad:

    Item: yves st laurent deep cherry red high heel platform shoes
    Listing Number: 221058382914
    Link: (expired)
    Photos: [​IMG]

    Thank you soooo much! :smile:
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  4. Hi there

    Does the large downtown in purple patent leather have the pocket at the front and back? I purchased it from eBay and have compared with my grey one that was previously authenticated here but the only differences are it has an outside pocket on the front and back of the bag and has lampo on the underside of the zipper (not the pulls) which I was previously told here is fine but I just need to check about the outside pocket as I'm not sure about that. Many thanks
  5. sorry, I can not conform either way because I have never seen serial number in this format on Mombasa
  6. Yes, depending on the leather, some have pockets front and back, some front only, some no pockets (lambskin). Lampo is an older one, I have seen purple with one pocket :smile:
  7. Omg they are amazing... I LOVE THEM!!!
  8. Hi there, here's the link to it with all other details:

    Item: YVES SAINT LAURENT YSL Patent purple leather large downtown tote shoulder bag
    Listing Number: 221068671451
    Seller: Polkadots Dress Agency

    Thank you.
  9. This is the one ? I have seen it when the auction was on, looks great ! It is large downtown, not as the second photo which is medium in the same colour, this one is a beauty :smile:
  10. Thank you Vesna. I just wanted to make sure it's authentic. It's beautiful although a little too big for me but I still love it as it's in excellen nearly new conditions so I got a bit of a bargain there for £340!

    Thanks again for all your help.

  11. I know it is big, medium is perfect size for downtown fr majority of us, and is still big....however I would also be more than happy with this bargain and beauty of purple leather
  12. Can you please help authenticate this YSL Belle De Jour Clutch? It is actually my friend's but she does not have her own account.

    I was not sure as the leather does not seem to look like the one currently selling on the website. Maybe it was from the previous collection made by different type of leather..?

    Please help me here...thank you soo much.