Authenticate This SAINT LAURENT

  1. Please authenticate this YSL handbag for me.





  2. I hope you can pls help me authenticate the following attachments...
  3. I am so sorry, all I see is that front of the tag looks good, serial number I do not know because I can not recognize the bag in the photo. I know it is hard to make good photo of a patent bag, but I can not figure out. Sorry, Vesna
  4. Thank you for trying! Does anyone know? I am desperate to pay now so it will get here for christmas.
  5. Hi vesna and anyone else? Do you know if the q I posted earlier?

    Thanks a lot
  6. I am so sorry, I really have no expeience with vintage wallets or new for that matter. I can only help if there is something I have or we have in reference library so that I could point you where to look. I am really sorry.

  7. Dear xatiranx, the same as above, I am not at all familiar with this one. I just have few Y-mail wallets and I could comment on that. Sorry. Cheers, Vesna

    hope someone could chip in. We are missing very valuable authenticator here.
  8. Item: Chic Yves Saint Laurent Blk "Besace" Shoudler Bag
    Listing Number: 140366447585
    Seller: dcmarkel1215

    Comments: Unfamiliar with this style in detail, but have other YSL's and don't like look of inside tag.

    ETA: Actually, scrap my request - after browsing their other items I'm sure this and many of the others are indeed fake. :rant:
  9. you know what, this bag looks authentic to me. If the seller would provide serial number on the back of inner tag, that would be great (photo) and a photo of inside flap to see hardware from the back. Looks just like mine, all the features so far look authentic. Not sure. But, other YSL bags checked fine IMO, as well. Too low start price?

    How about asking Chanel ladies to authenticate some Chanel they sell?
  10. looks exactly like this one which is authenticated as genuine. Yours looks pretty dirty though ?

    Take a look here and see that even the serial number is OK. This is the best I can tell you.
  11. Ooh, really? I thought the 'frame' inside the tag to be set farther within the tag if you see what I mean compared with my other YSL's, including a Medium Downtown. The gold print also is way up high, though maybe the print and the frame was just high by mistake or something and that's why it looks odd. The rest of the bag didn't raise a red flag like that tag did, but I know how good the imitations have become recently too. The paper tag seemed off too, though I suppose it could have been applied by the store. I'll ask more questions since you're not seeing any problems and count it as a yellow light for now. Thanks! :ty: