Authenticate This SAINT LAURENT

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  1. Thanks for your help, will not buy it for sure greatly appreciated!!
  2. please do a search of authenticating agencies - here on Purse Forum there are many threads about it, ad some good agencies have been identified - you have to pay though, but to get $2125 back it is worth it.....MyPoupette being one of them and some others, do a search and few names will come up...they are acknowledged by most
  3. you are welcome
  4. Thank you so much! I was worried about this style code, because when i put code in ysl homepage,nothing comes out. But if you think that date code on bag is ok, than everething is fine :smile: Thank you once more for work you do for others!
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    Hi Vesna :smile:

    I hope i do this format correctly

    Item: YSL Burgundy Sac Ligne Y
    Seller: Secondchance Bag

    I am planing to buy this bag.
    Can you please help me check if this bag is real?
    Below arw the photos for the bags
    Do let me know if you need more photos to authenticate this bag.
    Thanks alot for ur help :smile:
    IMG-20190408-WA0023.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0022.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0021.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0015.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0016.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0019.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0020.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0017.jpg IMG-20190408-WA0018.jpg
  7. Hi,

    I want to have my Yves Saint Laurent Tribute pumps authenticated. I always loved YSL’s shoes but never had the budget to splurge. I recently took the plunge and bought a pair of “very good” tribute pumps from the The Real Real. I would think this site is reputable, however I’ve been reading that TRR sells fakes and today when I got my shoes, I noticed a very strong smell coming from the leather of the shoes. The smell is similar to products being packed in a storage room for too long. Are YSL tribute pumps supposed to have this smell??The leather also doesn’t feel much like leather ( the shoe doesn’t feel as heavy as it looks) and both heel top lift has a small slit where it’s attached to the rest of the heel.

    I don’t see any stitching defects except the underside of the heel near the curve where it appears uneven (like a smudge).The “Made In Italy” stamp has the letters edge to edge. And when I try to walk in them, only the front is stable and the back heel tops are a little wobbly. I have to walk really carefully.

    I am attaching photos below:

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  8. Also photos from TRR:

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  10. Continued for beige pouch

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  11. Have you tried addressing your problem by approaching a Saint Laurent boutique personally with your bag?

    They wouldn’t tell you directly if the item is authentic or not, but you can always find some fault with your bag and tell the staff that you want to send it in for repair. They usually wouldn’t take in items not purchased from a Saint Laurent boutique so it’s up to your own creativity to cook up some stories about why they couldn’t find your record.

    Don’t tell them you bought it from Reebonz, they will show you the door unless you are a VIP or well-known fashion figure.

    It they accept your item it’s authentic, but if they reject your request, it’s a fake.

    What I advice you to do is that you try to have someone videoing this entire process down secretly, especially the part where the sales person tells you that your bag is fake. This is equivalent to any written response from Saint Laurent.

    By the way, no fashion label (other than Hermes I think) will ever give you a written response saying that your item is fake. Reebonz knows this and that’s why they ask you for a written response since they know you wouldn’t get one in the first place and the money is safely in their hands. I believe that a video of a Saint Laurent staff telling you that your bag is fake is sufficient for to make a police report and you should be able to get your refunds quicker than anything else.
  12. Hi guys! Please help me authenticate this YSL mini cabas bag.
    Item: YSL Mini Cabas Year 2014
    Listing Number:
    Seller: 5060shopo

    IMG_2157.jpg IMG_2173.jpg IMG_2172.jpg IMG_2157.jpg IMG_2158.jpg IMG_2169.jpg IMG_2167.jpg IMG_2166.jpg IMG_2165.jpg IMG_2164.jpg IMG_2163.jpg IMG_2173.jpg IMG_2172.jpg IMG_2158.jpg IMG_2169.jpg IMG_2167.jpg IMG_2166.jpg IMG_2165.jpg IMG_2164.jpg IMG_2163.jpg
  13. Hi Authenticators,
    sorry I missed the format the first time.
    As it is a purse which is already in my possession, I’m not able to post a link to a listing.


    I would highly appreciate if you could tell me whether or not this bag is an authentic YSL.

    Many greetings from Germany.

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