Authenticate This SAINT LAURENT

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  1. 4B9603B7-9A37-4CA1-829B-E5DC39A46E59.jpeg D238CD36-E020-42F2-8D7F-678AAB5A2C86.jpeg 91237AFC-BE5B-4DC6-A257-92CA876D25DF.jpeg 4527F5DA-1759-4BD6-B813-C1A33D178AA0.jpeg Hello, everyone! I have found this YSL bag on depop and I am a bit worried about its authenticity. These are the only pics I have. It is claimed to be an older bag, without papers or dustbag. If it us possible, please help. If not, no problem!Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. F800FCA2-32D3-4C13-95B4-AEEE53AD4C77.jpeg
  3. Hi, I’ll really appreciate if you can authenticate this bag? Please let me know if my post is missing any details as I’m new to YSL thread.

    Name: saint Laurent clege medium
    Seller: private

    Thanks so much

  4. Would appreciate if someone could authenticate this YSL monogram matelasse purse I bought off of a seller on Kijiji. The purse came with an authenticity card, box, duster bag, and wrapping.

    However, could someone advise where the serial number on the bag is supposed to be? I have a feeling this is a fake bag because what is supposedly the serial number found inside the bag doesn't match with the serial number on the authenticity card.

    I have half a mind to report the seller, lol.
    15456179685331525216038070764987.jpg 15456181027716043427259029315061.jpg
  5. Hi! Appreciate if you could help me authenticate this bag please. Do let me know if more/ clearer pictures is required.

    Item: YSL Kate Tassel Clutch
    12243BC9-9B1D-468D-908E-588491B07BB7.jpeg 78BDA879-D85C-4BDD-8792-4DF0A0E20646.jpeg 1745D89B-777C-46D4-8A1E-1B3D9B0C233E.jpeg 616C3C41-E644-46FA-8CDE-10C853D2EFC9.jpeg 558A693C-A016-413E-ADC3-D1D438D31F5D.jpeg
  6. Hi, please could somebody authenticate the below bag.
    Item: Python embossed tassel bag
    Serial number on the bag is 311210 001988
    image.png image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.png image.jpeg
  7. Hello everyone. I hope you can help me check the authenticity of this bag.

    Item: YSL WOC Large
    Listing # 254021353505
    Seller: domo.sand

    I can provide more pictures if needed. I already bought the item, so I am not sure if it is still allowed to post here. If not, can you recommend a great authenticator please?
    Thank you so much and I greatly appreciate your thoughts and constructive feedbacks.

  8. Here are the other few pics not shown from the site. So far the box and card matched, but I am not sure if they matter or if good replicas also have matching numbers in box and cards..? 14F862D8-BAFC-4DB2-A35E-092813DA1706.jpeg B07E832C-00B0-4704-8FA4-554BFDE68B36.jpeg 11845157-5360-4BB5-93AC-CFDCC3958264.jpeg 35DB4CD8-BDF4-4FD7-9534-0FFCA50534EE.jpeg BD59B348-F474-4472-B6A4-A3CACE4B1B46.jpeg
  9. Hi! Happy New Year everyone! Please can you check this YSL bag
    Item: Saint Laurent Chevron Leather Bag
    Listing: Consignment shop
    Link: NA
    Comments: Pics made by me in shop!
    2E07BD2B-3F2B-48A0-BB42-E1590B4F346F.jpeg 863EA367-3F0C-40CC-A7B2-AEE83E6D41FC.jpeg 9CAAFEA5-0F65-49AC-B5A2-4966E07FE2F0.jpeg AAD27711-B216-4D48-B72B-EDFD19106C70.jpeg A60A6BDE-DF49-4469-B489-D5772CF24F3B.jpeg 47D2578C-5EDB-49DE-8D9D-9EA0CDF5C6AF.jpeg D8503ACE-779E-4B1A-BF84-41EAEF13A86F.jpeg B8D12C3F-0515-4E40-A5A8-CE04699F76B4.jpeg 68A72B7D-3A09-4C7F-AF3E-BAB2D343D5F0.jpeg FCC6AF16-B5CE-4EEB-B213-35A08A111230.jpeg
  10. Hello!

    First time poster, long time visitor :smile:

    Could somebody please authenticate the following item for me?

    Item: SAINT LAURENT Black Leather Monogrammed YSL LOGO Mini Crossbody BAG baby
    Listing Number: 183617903481
    Seller: vrodmz
    Comments: Please let me know if this authentic - thanks!
  11. 122C6C6B-32E9-4A3E-8579-26991E8CD894.jpeg E657152F-AA38-429F-B101-0D5A7BEF3E4C.jpeg DD2A3A97-611B-492F-A3E9-9818716764FA.jpeg 2ECDCACC-A036-4660-91AB-C685669D6BE1.jpeg 44FE1947-72FC-492C-BFFA-6857EC113F34.jpeg C874E0BC-9ABE-4183-A9FE-E9EB2F46156A.jpeg 9749BA08-FD32-4E7C-BCCA-9167373747BA.jpeg 1B8F2FC0-C1DA-4FEB-80D7-0D7D42791A65.jpeg 50C845EC-173B-457C-AD64-A01D35199A2A.jpeg
  12. Item: Yves Saint Laurent Medium Sunset Fog
    Listing Number: 202518243975
    Seller: aartijj94
    Comments: Please let me know if this is authentic. Thank you.
    D76ADF51-7EFB-494C-B369-3E4ADB9E45C0.jpeg E7934EAF-2D87-4891-ADC9-A2B9FB62C510.jpeg 61DDFC9A-4C52-4E7A-90CD-15D4994E4480.jpeg
  13. Hi!Could you please help to authenticate this bag?Thank you so much!

    Item:YSL baby niki
    Seller:smile life online

    Here are more photos:
    [​IMG] IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0057.JPG IMG_0058.JPG IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0060.JPG IMG_0061.JPG