Authenticate This SAINT LAURENT

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  1. Authenticate this YSL College bag please!
    Does this bag look authentic? The seller has good feedback on Ebay but the seller purchased it secondhand and mentioned she is not 100 % sure if it is real or not since she did not buy is from the boutique itself so she is selling it cheaper than retail price. She mentioned she did buy if from a reputable seller though. I just sent her some messages asking about the serial number and I am waiting for her to get back to me. yslrealorfake.jpg s-l1600.jpg
    s-l1600 (2).jpg s-l1600 (1).jpg s-l1600 (3).jpg
  2. Item:Medium monogram Kate croc silver
    Listing Number:ALREADY BOUGHT
    IHi, I love this bag and bought it on eBay but please help me authenticate it, if it's fake I can return it.
    I'm finding it very difficult to read the serial number
    IMG_20181204_014128.jpg IMG_20181204_014138.jpg IMG_20181204_014155.jpg IMG_20181204_014213.jpg IMG_20181204_014232.jpg IMG_20181204_014316.jpg IMG_20181204_014253.jpg IMG_20181204_015926.jpg
  3. th
    is is an authentic bag
  4. I received the item and was able to take more pictures. The serial number pic is the best I could get since it’s a camera bag (tiny) I hope this will help!
    4C7536DE-7731-4EEA-A78B-A8CE1E65DB58.jpeg EB5A1067-9319-4F8D-A2B6-EA03EB21ED31.jpeg C0B67B69-45E6-4610-87B5-6A5FB1E6C193.jpeg FEE70F9C-BD92-4479-AD23-EC5C89083591.jpeg C8BD9319-7475-4B46-A89B-92FBCF43C756.jpeg 5FE6D7E4-1606-4134-A611-24638D9C1B1B.jpeg 08EB46C6-BCDA-4256-AA13-4D3A217CC1CA.jpeg
  5. Hi I was able to get the serial number it's in the inside pocket and very hard to photograph.
    It's PLB464021.1015
    Please please help me authenticate it before my return time runs out.
    Thank you
  6. Hi, could you please authenticate this sac de jour small? I bought it over farfetch and the logo (silver print) differs from the pictures (stamped) which were posted on the website. Despite liking it, I now feel insecure about authenticity.
    Many thanks!

    7BC218BB-11F2-4D2A-BC8E-BCE549041FD4.jpeg 783F5BF7-DE46-42C3-AC1C-73B8AF0AB2BC.jpeg B020B9AF-1CD2-4D15-AE15-4FA610F19A8F.jpeg 5E70D863-06F3-4844-A90F-9876DAF0A982.jpeg 6957268A-112C-4E1E-8664-D6A6953697BA.jpeg CBBF4AC5-D192-4A9E-9353-2FB509F228AE.jpeg 77ACF7DC-AC8C-468D-85F0-00B263779B99.png 13A932B3-2A04-4E79-8AAC-BA6FED7C1969.jpeg 7FBF985A-6E1F-4FF8-93AD-A9F123538014.jpeg 2A270B99-E67A-4679-9445-C46A96A26DD6.jpeg
  7. Hello. I would be really thankful if someone from forum could help me. Long time ago i got as a gift Saint Laurent Pompom Kate leather handbag. The person who gave me this bag said she bought it in trusted shop in Paris, that it was calf leather printed in crocodilean skin pattern. I did not get certificate of originality, person said she never got it. Now I want to resell it and I'm not sure anymore if it's legit. I don't want mislead potential buyer so I'm asking here for help.
    Pictures :

    If any picture is not clear I can post more.

    Thank You for any help.
  8. .
  9. Please authenticate this YSL Medium College Bag - Diamond Matelasse for me!
    Thank you.
    IMG_9539.jpg IMG_9540.jpg IMG_9541.jpg IMG_9542.jpg IMG_9543.jpg IMG_9544.jpg IMG_9548.jpg IMG_9549.jpg IMG_9550.jpg IMG_9551.jpg
  10. E186D70F-5C7E-4155-A427-0B7F2CB8B4A4.png 9730A0A9-085B-4580-BEE5-19C8E757DCBC.png B9015909-C7F2-4D65-B752-557C94719805.png 14CE1E22-B245-4167-8375-38B28C9250E4.png 4869F6FF-B13D-47DF-9587-9591577F6E21.png 4755DF32-B826-40AB-8731-1D78A5C12F09.png BE347C5E-8D05-46C8-BB0E-15CF5478D382.png
  11. Please authenticate this

    Item: Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet in Grain De Poudre Embossed Leather
    Listing Number:
    Seller: Depop @francymor
    Link: I already bought the bag thinking it was authentic. No I need proof that it's not because she is convinced that it is.
    aMG_6570.jpg aMG_6569.jpg aMG_6568.jpg aMG_6567.jpg aMG_6566.jpg aMG_6564.jpg aMG_6560.jpg aMG_6557.jpg aMG_6556.jpg aMG_6549.jpg
  12. Hi, can you please authenticate this medium VICKY bag? thanks.
    Screenshot_20181219-105928_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20181219-105955_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20181219-105931_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20181219-105935_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20181219-105939_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20181219-105952_eBay.jpg 20181219_105834.jpg