Authenticate This Roberta di Camerino

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  1. Hi I have a croco embossed olive green Roberta di Camerino. I has a serial number C06JCARC05300.
    Anybody know of any telltale signs?
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    I am trying to sell xxxx

    members may not list their own auctions, refer to them or refer to selling nor may they post their eBay ID.
    If you need help, please just post pics, no need to mention selling.
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    I posted a post about this Roberta di Camerino bag earlier and it got deleted. I'm not trying to put it up for people to buy- only to see if anyone has info on it or if they can tell for sure it's authentic.
    Here's my prior post.

    I'm not sure when it was made or how much it's worth. I also think it may have come with and insert but I'm not sure.


    :confused1: I already explained to you that you CANNOT post links to your auction here.
  4. I have a roberta di camerino bag. Can someone please tell me what type of bag is it? How much is its possible resell price would be? And How do I know if it is authenticate. Roberta di camerino bag.jpg