Authenticate this REBECCA MINKOFF

  1. ^ Authentic!
  2. ^Yup, authentic.
  3. ^^^ ???
  4. ivy, that looks real to me.... why do you think it's fake?

    Hmm, I guess they do show two different linings. I guess just make sure to ask for more pictures?
  5. ^^ Maybe it's the very last bag that's fake? I'm not sure....always be leery of a bunch of celeb pics before the actual bag photo.
  6. RM did a line for HSN called "Minkette". . .that's where this is from.
  7. Yeah the bags are probably still on sale at too. Possibly cheaper!
  8. ^ I believe they are around $50 at HSN.
  9. ^That clutch is authentic. I believe that seller may be a boutique owner so yes, it would be possible for them to have a lot of RM inventory.
  10. Yes, I believe mcnstuff (and hautechick) are boutique owners. They would get the bags at wholesale and can pass the discounts on to the rest of us.