Authenticate this REBECCA MINKOFF

  1. This might be one of the new MT's. Can you tell us where you got it and show inside pictures too?
  2. Its from eBay and thats the only picture they have unfortunately :sad: I did look it up and theres one that is the same one and doesnt have pockets on the sides like people have said.. What would you look for?

    I am looking at an older one (one with pockets on the side?) and I am asking for them for more pictures, so I will post them.. but yeah, what would you look for?
  3. I think this is the new version MT. but my question: is it leather? It looks Nylon to me.
  4. I had a Navy Luxe Market Tote & I could carry it on the shoulders with the handles. It has 2 non functional pockets. Ivy could be right, it could be non leather.
  5. Thanks to one and all. I keep saying I'm going to stay away from the auction sites, and yet somehow back I go...
  6. ^sometimes the auction sites are where the best deals are at. RM hasn't spread with counterfeits, but tpf is a great resource to get all your bags authenticated regardless of which brand you're buying. :yes:
  7. We need info about the lining, inside pockets, and if there is a metal RM tag inside. Can you get a picture somehow? It's hard to authenticate based on one picture alone.
  8. It's real, and a great bag style!
  9. ^^ thank you :smile:
  10. This is authentic and the newer version of the market tote with strap. I would request more pictures from the seller just to confirm if its leather or nylon. The pic looks like it was taken from a cell phone or in bad lighting. I would ask for pics of the inside nameplate and lining also.:smile:

  11. Thanks for everyones help.. Im currently talking to a different seller about this bag it the elephant color so I will post more pictures when she replys for authenticity.
  12. people always ask this and there is honestly no easy answer.... there is never one certain thing to look for, rather it is the item as a whole. as you become familiar with a certain designer or style, you know how the hardware, leather, stitching, color, engravings, etc is all supposed to look.
    also, counterfeiters are always updating and trying to get as close to the real thing as possible. sometimes small changes or subtle features (like holograms, numbers, specific lettering) by the designers slow down the fakers, but it is only a matter of time before they catch up again. it is always best to get as many clear and detailed pics as possible and post them here for experienced opinions.
  13. - MAMM (Metallic Charcoal?) w/ silver HW
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    Didn't even think to authenticate this before I bought it - super new to TPF - but it's on it's way to me now and I don't have any other photos. I don't know if this seller is on TPF, but can anyone tell if it's real or not?
  14. The bag is fine. For the moment most of the RM's out there are real.