Authenticate this Ray Ban Eyeglasses

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  1. Hi, I have a pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses that I need to be authenticated ~O.O~
    The serial number is RB6116 I looked it up on the Ray Ban website and found the same exact ones. Problem is I read somewhere that Ray Ban's are now made in Italy but mine say that they are made in China. Does this mean they are fake? I tried to look up anything about it but couldn't so I decided to try here. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I think that the fact that he has sold so so many is kind of a red flag. Where would one get tons of Ray Bans brand new and incredibly cheap. It does not look like he is selling discontinued styles or anything so it is pretty suspicious to me.

    I am told that Ray Ban fakes can look pretty realistic and identical but that the lenses will not be as good as authentic glasses.

    Since he is international, returns are probably going to be a problem too.

    I would skip this auction personally.

    Hope that helps :smile:
  3. My personal opinion is that they look real, I had a pair myself and these look as if they have all the correct markings in all the correct places - Just my opinion though
  4. looks like 100% fakes to me. If you look at their "about us" section, the grammar is horrible - this is probably a website based in asia that does good knockoffs. I would buy them from an authentic ray-ban dealer if I were you. Their prices are not even that discounted from what the real thing would cost. Hope this helps!
  5. Thank you for replying to me! I gave up on buying them from these websites.

    I am now trying to find the list of online authorized merchants :shucks:
  6. It looks like the sunglasses are authentic, but the website is not believable
  7. They difinitely look real, because the CE mark is there, and chinese copy-makers would not just mark them with CE, because it's very risky.
  8. i would say they're real..look exactly like the one that a good friend of mine has and hers is 100% real..