Authenticate This PRADA - please read post 1 FIRST

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    Thank you. Since you can't PM me yet, how can I find out what the clues are?

    I asked the seller about the zipper markings and when I was told "none" earlier today, I felt sure what you'd say.
  2. hi. i recently bought a bn1881 too. i would like to ask regarding picture num 3. does it seem like the heat stamp of the prada inside would be easily erased on your bag too?

  3. Hi ms figgy thanks! But can you please tell me the reasons why you said it's fake? Because this one i got from a close friend.:sad:
  4. Thanks Miss Figgy! :yahoo:

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    Dear MissfIggy & Prada experts, please help to authenticate this prada Mini. According to the seller, she bought this bag from Italy Firenze Outlet. Thank you very much.
    Prada 1.JPG Prada 9.JPG Prada 3.JPG Prada 4.JPG Prada 5.JPG Prada 6.JPG Prada 7.JPG Prada 8.JPG
  6. More pictures of the Mini
    Prada 10.JPG Prada 11.JPG Prada 12.JPG Prada 13.JPG
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    Hi Prada experts! Please authenticate this bag. The eBay auction ended so I can't post a link but here is some info for this "brand new Prada BR4533" bag I do have:
    Seller: rdixon42uy
    Item #: 300763559925
    Starting bid $650 and buy it now $795, but did not sell

    Thanks in advance!
    image-3155168362.jpg image-4232147229.jpg image-2519950376.jpg image-661733744.jpg image-2627381378.jpg image-4138604894.jpg image-3853266904.jpg

  8. Hi
    Is this bag authentic?

    Thank you
  9. bild_2.JPG bild_3.JPG bild_4.JPG bild_5.JPG Tradera Prada.JPG
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