Authenticate This PRADA - please read post 1 FIRST

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  1. Looks authentic.

  2. The red bag looks fake for a whole lot of reasons. The photo you have supplied doesn't really tell me anything.
  3. Thanks so much for your time!
  4. Thank you so much.
    I have compared this bag to Prada website pictures and looks the same.
    You have mot commented on the ID card so is good to go :smile:
  5. IMG_1226.JPG IMG_1214.JPG IMG_1220.JPG
  6. Hi,

    I bought a vintage Prada chain bag from eBay recently and is suspecting that it could be a fake. Seller stated that its 100% authentic and that the chain has been changed. Could you please take a look at the picture attached and let me know if its real?

    (I noticed that R has the missing notch on both the main emblem as well as the logo plate on the inside of the bag).

    Thank you so much for your help!
    Plogo_01.jpg Plogo_02.jpg Plogo_03.jpg
  7. image-490123877.jpg image-3883566084.jpg image-1635632307.jpg image-1500100133.jpg image-583022733.jpg image-463422427.jpg image-2883309996.jpg image-2983313151.jpg image-3802475710.jpg image-2520019325.jpg image-198801599.jpg image-2658185047.jpg image-976633447.jpg
  8. Here is another close up of the inside plate (thought my first pic looks a bit fuzzy.

    Thanks for your help.
  9. Ok, Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Please also help to authenticate this BN1407 Nylon Gaufre bag. I bought it from an online seller (not eBay). Have tried to take as many pictures as i can from the different angles. Let me know if you need more pictures. Thank you so much!
    BN1407_11.jpg BN1407_01.jpg BN1407_02.jpg BN1407_03.jpg BN1407_04.jpg BN1407_05.jpg BN1407_06.jpg BN1407_07.jpg BN1407_08.jpg BN1407_09.jpg
  11. 2 more pictures of the authenticity card and the zip
    BN1407_10.jpg BN1407_12.jpg

  12. This bag has a few more pictures, including pics on the inside...does that help?

  13. ok i am beginning tothink my BN1407 maybe a fake. I just went to scrutinize the authenticity card + envelope and it looks really odd.
  14. A 3rd bag for your advice.

    This is also from an online seller. Its the Prada Tessuto Bauletto
    BN1904_01.jpg BN1904_02.jpg BN1904_03.jpg BN1904_04.jpg BN1904_05.jpg BN1904_06.jpg BN1904_07.jpg BN1904_08.jpg BN1904_09.jpg BN1904_10.jpg
Thread Status:
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