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  1. Quick question: Is it true that Nordstrom's cuts out part of the card on Prada items if they are purchased when on sale? I know this thread is for authentication, but I'm not sure where else to ask... TIA!
  2. Originally Posted by nikki337
    Hi, please help authenticate this bag, thank you!

    Item: Prada tote
    Item#: 320906526254
    Seller: eastcollectibles

    Thank you so much for your help MissFiggy.
    I just message the seller and told her I would return the bag, if the seller asks how I can tell if it's not authentic, what should I tell her?

  3. Say it was authenticated by someone with many many years of Prada experience and that Prada usually gets their own logo correct on all their items. Ask the seller where the bag came from originally too and how old it is, and if they can't prove it came from an authorised, licenced Prada outlet, then insist on your money back. And give them tPF contact details - they can take it up with me personally if they want to. Or you can get a letter of authentication from a professional authenticator which will cost you a fee to have done.

    Unfortunately I can't give details because this forum is read by counterfeiters.
  4. Thank you so much for your help MissFiggy! I really appreciate it.
  5. Sorry for that missfiggy, that's what she provided. Anyway, I saw another bag but they don't have a clear pic of the zippers and interior. Let me know if this would suffice for authentication check or would need to request them?

    Item Name: Prada Tessuto Nylon
    eBay Seller: tokio3388
    Item Number: 280886196766

    Thanks a lot for accommodating our requests. Appreciate it :smile:

  6. They might cut a portion of their own price label but I have never heard of them cutting a piece from either of the cards which come with any Prada item. There aren't usually any prices on the product cards (unless stuck on at the store) so I wouldn't see the point personally.

  7. This one looks to be authentic although a closeup of the interior would be good.
  8. hi,

    1)Item Name: PRADA Pink/Lilac Ruffle Bag
    Ebay Seller: airalham
    Item Number: 261029470229

    2)Item Name: Authentic gorgeous Prada Tessuto Gaufre Handbag with store tax receipt
    Ebay Seller: websteronthemove
    Item Number: 330737590091

    3)Item Name: Stunning Designer Black Gaufre Nylon with Nappa leather details tote bag £950
    Ebay Seller: davidport12
    Item Number: 330737590091

    4)Item Name: PRADA GAUFFRE TOTE BAG DARK BLUE (very clean condition)
    Ebay Seller: shopshopper
    Item Number: 230795642479

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  9. I will post pictures of the bag with said card soon, and see what you and any others with experience think.
  10. Hi there,

    Just wondering if I could get an opinion on this purse please. Appreciate you may need some more pictures but not sure what of considering the design.

    Prada Purse
    Item: 150818661643
    Seller: nicky050270

    Thanks very much :smile:

  11. Nos 1 & 3 look authentic
    Nos 2 & 4 look like fakes.
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