Authenticate This! Prada or Miu Miu!

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  1. ^^The underside can say IPI, riri or lampo and I understand, although I have not seen bags without markings, that there can be authentic bags that have no markings underside at all. I think this may be the case with some of the lower priced bags. They can also be two different brand zippers in an authentic Prada bag, e.g. the outside zipper and the inside small compartment zipper.
  2. Run away and scream "FAKE" as you do it. I'm not even sure that Prada made a style even similar to that, but I've seen that one on every cheesy site that sells fakes, including one that nearly got me! :shame:
  3. :wtf: Thanks, Prada Psycho!
  4. ^ agreed.FAKE
  5. DSC03586[1].jpg
  6. Sarsi--

    LOL! I have this bag!!! Its looks exactly like mine..Great bag..I love mine!
  7. Yay!!!!:yahoo: Thanks alot Jill!!!
    It sure is pretty... :love:

    for a moment there while waiting... was worried you'd say its fake...:crybaby:
    Thanks again!!!

  8. Check this out: Negative/Neutral Feedback received by www-fashion4less-net

    I don't speak German, but looking at the number of neg/neutral feedbacks, PLUS the 222 "mutually withdrawn" comments, I'd run screaming the other way!!

    I don't know that Prada, but I don't think Prada ever uses a black dust bag. Jill?
  9. No good!^Stay away from that ebayer!LOL!

  10. 222 mutually withdrawn comments? Holy :censor: !

    I'd run screaming, too! lol
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