Authenticate This please....

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Jan 14, 2013
Item Name:Ebay listing: Preloved Auth Louis Vuitton Galliera GM Purse Hand/Shoulder Bag $1800/RET SEE!!!
Item Number:130835842581
Seller ID:Princesslialuxury(696)100%

What is the most you would pay for this? Do you think it is authentic? This is my first time to do this on purseforum. I hope I have followed the rules correctly. Thank you for your help. This will also be my first eBay purchase to hopefully go thru. Last week, I purchased a bag and the seller cancelled. I think once she realized I was an knowledgeable LV buyer(thru our communication) she changed her mind. I think it could have possibly been fake??? I am so nervous about this. I have always bought from a LV store(wonderful experience) or LV online store(which was not a great experience). If you can't answer the other questions, I completely understand. Thank you for your time and have as great day :smile:
Not open for further replies.