Authenticate This Pauric Sweeney

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  1. I know I'm too late... did you win the bag? Based on his/her other feedback, it looks like this person sells authentic bags, but I'm not an expert. It's a gorgeous bag! Good luck gettiing better advice than I can give...
  2. Hey everyone!

    I purchased this bag and I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if this is authentic? I purchased this online since and since I can't buy Pauric Sweenet anywhere where I live...i'm not sure what to look for...

    I have provided some pictures...please let me know if you need more!

    Thanks so much!







  3. anyone? :shrugs:
  4. ???
  5. Last bump! Anyone know if this is authentic Pauric Sweeney?:shrugs: Please let me know, I would really appreciate it!

    TIA :flowers:
  6. Hi,

    I bought this bag at a consignment shop in Boston.

    It's a Pauric Sweeney Python bag. The pictures make it look gray/silver, but its actually like a midnight blue and silverish. It's really soft and definitely feels like python. It had smaller scales instead of large ones. The leather parts are black and it also comes with side straps to wear the purse as a shoulder bag. It came with the pinkish/reddish satin dust bag and a leather handle strap that says Pauric Sweeney.

    I'm attaching a few pictures. The bag was on sale for $500+ but I got it with 20% off and after taxes and everything, it came out to $380. I'm just so happy to have scored a python bag for that cheap.

    The quality seems excellent, except there's a little worn area that you can see in the pictures.

    If needed I could take more pictures. It would be great to get your opinion for those who own or know authentic Pauric Sweeney. I'm just not too familiar with his work.

    Thanks in advance!
    IMG_4997.JPG IMG_5000.JPG IMG_5003.JPG IMG_5004.JPG IMG_5005.JPG
  7. I am looking on my iPhone (with the pitiful small screen!) so I cannot really tell. It sure is a good price though if it is genuine. It is a gorgeous bag too, again. Assuming it is genuine. The scales do look on the small side I must say. My python goodies have larger scales.
  8. Hmm I thought the same yesterday when I saw that all the scales were small and not big. Do you think instead of python, it's just snake?
  9. did you reach a conclusion on this bag?
  10. Unfortunately, no one has been able to confirm authenticity or confirm if it's really a python.

    However, it really needed to be conditioned and I cleaned/conditioned yesterday. The scales are extremely soft and supple and it looks much better. So I'm thinking it really can't be a fake. The leather was in mint condition, but the skin was a bit too dry. I was just so shocked to see how well the Meltonian leather lotion worked. I did use about half a bottle of the Meltonian lol.