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  1. #1 Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
    This online store, based in Paris, approached me for advertising on my blog. I am hesitating because I don't want my readers to be scammed, in case they're not authentic.

    They claim to be based in Paris and buys French designer handbags (Goyard, Longchamps, etc) for their customers, ie a shopping concierge service. Just want to check if anyone's has shopped with them before and whether they're authentic.
  2. Hi and welcome, I have seen this website mentioned in a Goyard or Longchamp forum here. The pictures are stock pictures and not of the actual bag they ship. While the bags received could be authentic, I would recommend to buy in person from the brand store directly because of customer service, return/exchange/repair etc. This website is a little shady in that way and would never be approved by brands like Goyard and Longchamp.

    Hope it helps.
  3. This online store makes me suspicious because they do not accept returns. Also, they sell some brands that are never sold on third party websites. Lastly, I am suspicious of any store going to individual bloggers to advertise.
  4. Hi Elliespurse,

    Thanks for your comments and advice. I agree with you that the site is a little lacking in details and pictures. As that online store has already paid me for advertisement fees, I'll put in a warning in my post on its authenticity.

    Thanks again! Anyone else who has a comment about this online store, please let me know.
  5. Hi, yeah their 'no returns' policy makes me a little suspicious. And they say that they buy the handbags from the stores themselves and resell them, complete with store packaging and wrapping.
    And going to fashion bloggers for advertisement is actually a common practice. However, since I have no easy way to prove their authenticity, I'll put a warning in my post on this.

    Thanks for taking the time to checking the website.
  6. I've been approced by well known stores to advertise them, so vickicxoxo is right when she writes that this is a common practice.
  7. I shopped with them before from this website and they are authentic. I bought a LONGCHAMP EIFFEL TOWER bag in graphite. I was sceptical at first but the bag arrived! And it even came with the LongChamp paper bag plus parfums samples so it was worth the money.
  8. i ordered a bronze longchamp bag from them. shipping was quick from Paris France to the US, ten days total time. it came in a rather shabby looking envelope and inside was the bag, a beat up looking longchamp shopping bag and a beat up looking envelope that I suppose a longchamp store might put the bag in. the bag i purchased was not inside this longchamp bag or envelope and there was no tissue paper. Also, there was a nice note from a person name janine who is the person you deal with and a perfume sample. there was no receipt from the longchamp store or anything like that. the name on the envelope was "roland kwek" and the paypal account was registered to Quek Swee Heng. I am about to compare this bag to the same bag that was purchased in a longchamp store so I will let you know how it looks compared to it.
  9. Just to follow up, this bag was authenticated online here and the seller provided me with a receipt from the longchamp store that they shop at in Paris. I am pleased.
  10. I bought 2 Galeries Pliage limited edition bags and received it quite fast. They also gave me a bottle of Durance perfume in the parcel so I can't complain. ;)
  11. I wanted to say that I had excellent service from I purchased a Longchamp bag from them and received it today.

    Shipping was free.
    I received my Longchamp from Paris to California in 9 days.
    The bag is packaged with tissue paper and the Longchamp store bag, all in a large bubblewrap envelope.
    The store lady also enclosed a card thanking me for the purchase, and I got a Marc Jacobs sample perfume.
    I sent an e-mail asking for the tracking number and I got a reply within 24 hours.
    The bag was brand new and upon further inspection, had no problems.

    Great store and I might purchase from them again! :smile: