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    I'm hoping someone will recognize this bag and authenticate it for me

    I just found a Nina Ricci bag today(also vintage shopping) and was also wondering if anyone can autheticate the bag this particular(circa probably 1960-70) It's an "Enevelope" style. The bag itself is in very good shape(canvas and leather)with a few small splits in the folds of the canvas. I've tried to look for other bags to compare but haven't had any luck. The "Nina Ricci" monogram is all over the bag(inside and out)
    I'll be setting up my camera to take some pictures and hopefully someone will authenticate this.
    Okay, here are my picutures:

    Photo 8.jpg

    Photo 9.jpg

    Photo 10.jpg

    Photo 11.jpg

    Photo 13.jpg
  2. I have some Nina Ricci bags that are from the same period (I think so anyway...), and the font on the bag seems about right to me. However, my bags all have "Nina Ricci Paris Made in France" written inside of them (in gold letters), does your bag have that too?

    I know for a fact mine are authentic btw.
  3. Please help me authenticate this vintage Nina Ricci from eBay, hard to tell from the photos but on the inside it says Nina Ricci in gold screenprinted letters.
    ninariccipurse1.jpg ninariccipurse2.jpg ninariccipurse3.jpg
  4. hi can anyone tell if this bag is authentic or fake?

  5. ^ I'm afraid I don't know much about Nina Ricci leather goods, but I doubt the vintage ones will have been heavily faked at the time, if that helps, at all? :smile:
  6. Hello!

    Browsing eBay, I found the same vintage purse as the first one shown.
    It looks absolutely identical, the only difference is the color - mine is butterscotch. When I received it, the quality of leather and hardware appeared to be excellent, but... Inside of the purse, there was a small print in gold letters saying
    Nina Ricci
    Paris-Buenos Aires


    Made in Argentina
    Genuine Leather

    on the other side.

    Also, it has a little tag attached on the inside:
    Cuero Vaca
    Industria Argentina
    RI. 128.772/4

    Usually Nina Ricci handbags made in France, were they ever made in Argentina? I can take additional images if needed...
  7. Assuming from the number of replies in the thread, only a few people appreciate Nina Ricci bags. Haha. :smile:
  8. Have Nina Ricci bags ever been made in Korea?
  9. Hi, I copied your post to the Nina Ricci authentication thread, hope you gets answers here.

  10. Thank you. Could you give me a link to the thread? Will I get notification when I get a reply? Thanks