Authenticate This MULBERRY

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  1. Hi, would someone be able to authenticate these bags please? I'm finding it hard to tell the difference between the vintage ones and newer models. There seem to be a lot of different ways the labels are displayed. Thank you.

    Item Name: Baby Pink Mulberry Hand Bag
    Item Number:264115494368
    Seller ID: maymiajimbo

    Item Name: Vintage Mulberry Small Bayswater Oak Leather Handbag. Made in England.
    Item Number: 153324687057
    Seller ID: homemip001

    Item Name:
    Item Number: 303022215881
    Seller ID: jack$jill2000
  2. Hello,
    i have bought the bag and i want to see if its good or not, so that i can eventually return it. The details in the ad are in Bulgairan language , so they wouldnt help too much and the pictures i have posted are the same from the ad. Can You authenticate based on them?

  3. The first one looks good.
    As for the other two ones they look likely to be ok, would need to see close up photos of the Mulberry stamp/disc and the made in tag please.
  4. We would need to see a corresponding listing, we don't authenticate from photos only. Additional photos would also be needed, they appear to be from different bags. Apart from a corresponding viewable link we would need to see clear close ups of the Mulberry label with the disc lying flat, and a clear focused photo of the made in tag. It this is not available you may use the service of a formal authenticator such as authenticate4u.
  5. Thank you for that - I am trying to get better which is good that I'm improving. :smile:
  6. It appears genuine however also appears to be cut/scored through with a cross denoting it was sold as scrap to a staff member and isn't meant for resale. There is a thread regarding the implications of this.
  7. I would like to see the interior leather Mulberry label and small made in label.
  8. (Hello! Please could someone cast an eye on this for me. Seller has quite a few bags listed but her answers to some of my questions seem a bit generalised!
    Item: Genuine Mulberry Freya Hobo in Steel Blue
    Seller : kg_boutiqueuk
    Item number: 283330018005

    I would like to see the interior leather Mulberry label and small made in label.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you for dealing with this but have now decided not to proceed with this seller. Appreciate your time!
  9. hi, could someone help to authenticate this mulberry please? s-l1600-8.jpg s-l1600-9.jpg s-l1600-11.jpg s-l1600-8.jpg s-l1600-9.jpg s-l1600-11.jpg s-l1600-12.jpg
  10. I just replied to your other thread on the Identify this Mulberry suggesting you get this authenticated. However, in order for us to do that here, you need to post in the format as stated in post #1 which must include a working link to a publicly viewable listing/website. If that is not available, you can use the services of a formal authenticator such as Authenticate4u.
  11. hi, thank you for both replies, ive just bought it off eBay, i don't know if the link will work

    Item name Mulberry Hayden
    seller id Juplush08
    eBay item number:
  12. Please would you kindly authenticate this Mulberry bag for me, son bought it for me for Christmas but he said seller said it is genuine but he wasn't sure if this is authentic as he's never used this seller before.
    Thank you kindly.
    20190112_120451[1].jpg 20190112_121044[1].jpg 20190112_121044[1].jpg 20190112_120911[1].jpg 20190112_120451[1].jpg 20190112_121044[1].jpg 20190112_120609[1].jpg 20190112_120704[1].jpg 20190112_120715[1].jpg 20190112_120911[1].jpg 20190112_121007[1].jpg 20190112_120451[1].jpg 20190112_121044[1].jpg
  13. 3C77461A-ABEE-4328-8FF8-15ACBB4C6EF8.png F7C5748C-3108-4557-BD1C-FF84E6E0EAB8.png 236DD224-393F-4242-9F42-BB428E5605EB.png 3E436814-2A2C-4D54-9FF4-AE3824673D60.png 7333BFD2-D4A1-4091-AB56-DD706675EAFC.png 12A40A16-5EE8-41DD-892B-8509FAAE58ED.png 68F657F6-4663-4F37-9E7E-AC89438FD052.png AC7BAFBA-0F40-4189-9EA5-1FD1F3669FFC.png 9E5C2EFB-7B55-42EC-872F-0ADC3925FCCF.png 755A21DD-7512-416A-AF7B-72D3450B1DDC.png