Authenticate This MULBERRY

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  2. Ok, thanks for the explanation. I am still having some trouble understanding the difference between Facebook sales ad and Ebay (=auction or "buy it now") sales ad. If the bag I asked the question about would be listed in Ebay or in other auction site, would it then be applicable for authentication in here? Ebay is anyway many times sales between two individuals, just like Facebook sales pages too. Many same items listed in Facebook groups are also listed in the auction sites, atleast so I have noticed.

    Will not harrass more with this question anymore, this is my last question/comment on the topic. Thanks like always :heart:
  3. Thank you Holleigh. That is a shame that this has changed. I'm not a buyer/reseller. I'm a private individual and I've seen a bag on a Mulberry Buy/Sell Group. I've always been able to get authentication prior to buying, and disappointed that this has now changed.
    It looks like we will no longer be able to get a bag authenticated that we may already have purchased.

  4. pm'd you xx
  5. Hi, hope you can help please, hoping to surprise my wife with her first Mulberry! Do these look genuine?

    Mulberry Bayswater Oak Natural Leather With Brass

    Unused Mulberry Bayswater Oak - Authentic with Proof of Purchase

    Thank you very much in advance

  6. Looks likely to be ok, would like to see a clear close up straight on photo of the Mulberry label please.
  7. The first one looks good.

    For the second one need to see clear close ups of Mulberry stamp/disc, the made in tag and the magnetic fasteners of one of the pockets please.