Authenticate This MULBERRY

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  2. The last post from the former Authenticate this thread, looks good.
  3. Looks good.
  4. Please see #1
  5. I don't understand your reply - I have posted as per guidelines.
    It is not on eBay, it is on a FB selling group, for which I have provided a link.
    What else can I do to have the bag authenticated now?
    Thank you!
  6. Originally Posted by Rezi Hi! Can you please authenticate this Lily? Thanks!

    >>Item Name: Mulberry Regular Lily in Poppy Red
    >>(for sale in local Finnish "Mulberry fanclub Suomi" Facebook group - the bag has >>been originally bough 2nd hand from The Finer Things Aberdeen)
    >>. [links removed from quote]

    I am also having problems understanding the #1 thing. I read the rules before posting and I think all checks out. There is the name of the item, there is a working link (it is to a Facebook group, but that was not forbidden in the #1) and there are all the pictures that were requested.

    Does it help to post a screenshot of the sales ad (in cases where the people here might not have access to the group where the item is sold at)? Or maybe an amendment to #1 is in order if only Ebay items can be posted for authentication. Which would be sad, becase there are so many sales forums nowadays other than Ebay. Thanks for your support as always, have found this forum & your help extremely useful!
  7. I think it's this that you are being referred to ..

    "It is the preference of the authenticators on this thread not to give authentication to members who buy and resell bags."

    My understanding is that the TPF Authentication service is solely for use in respect of items for sale on auction sites and / or "retail" sites (for example Vestiaire, Designer-vintage, preloved & other "shops"), authentications for "private" sales (such as Facebook Groups, sales between friends / colleagues etc) should be done by way of Authentication Services such as Authenticate4U / ***************** & the like.
    Am sure someone will put me right if that's not the case.
    xx Holls

  8. Have a look at my post #41, think that may answer you query ?x
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