Authenticate This MULBERRY

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  1. Thank you so much!
  2. 17199_888718004517750_1050918766745628027_n.jpg 11024613_888717937851090_8664122988237094104_n.jpg 11081073_888717877851096_5272331234320229531_n.jpg 1797624_888718051184412_1662864591905298987_n.jpg 10311745_888718151184402_5371147687329108612_n.jpg 11102712_888718187851065_4428183242514764696_n.jpg 11082438_888718101184407_820573540990048836_n.jpg
  3. Hi,
    Could you please let me know if you think this is genuine.
    Mulberry Mini Taylor
  4. Hi! Here are more pictures of the bag. Thank you for your help.
    11128863_10206351206837105_134321551_o.jpg 11154150_10206351206197089_1957909264_o.jpg 11154744_10206371429622662_4883135076485384128_o.jpg 11090846_10206371424902544_1449043990785057687_o.jpg
  5. Looks good.

  6. Phew, thank you Lakrits!
  7. Thank you Kris - hopefully I have uploaded them correctly
  8. Hi could you have a look at this please
    E/w Bayswater
    Seller yzzybella
    Id 251916728739