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  2. Lea - I doubt the photos of the bayswater are of the actual bag, so I would suggest you ask the seller for photos of the actual bag that you would receive so that you can make an informed decision.

    Toffee - both phoebes look fake to me.
  3. Thank you for your answers. I did NOT go for the Buy it now.
  4. I don't see any red flags on that Elgin, but you need to see close pics of the gold leaf stamp on the inside, and of the front and back of that disc. Would help too to see these cards and dustbag they're mentioning..
  5. Can any one help me out here .. fake or real?

    Thank you so much.




  6. Lea-m, sorry that elgin looks fake to me. The zipper is going the 'wrong' way although occasionally they do go that way, but overall I believe it to be fake. The seller also has a roxanne listed, which is fake.

    Lablizzy - the white roxanne looks fake to me.
  7. Thank you so much. It WAS fake because listing has been removed.
  8. Lea-m, just because a listing has been removed, it doesn't mean it's fake. eBay sometimes removes listings if the title doesn't suggest the item is genuine or authentic and obviously eBay is not able to verify the authenticity of an item themselves. eBay might also remove items if the seller hasn't paid their listing fees. Mulberry also get ebay to remove items for various reasons including them believing the item to be fake or breaching their copyright in some other way, including using Mulberry's text or pictures.

    Claudia123 - that seller always seems to have genuine items, although I have no personal experience of dealing with them, as I do with other sellers/buyers.
  9. Claudia123 - I agree with Jazzy, it looks good to me! However I also have not had any dealing with them. I have a feeling they may live near an outlet shop as the last time I was there bith the Ayler and the Brooke were reduced. So all in all I think they are probably good.
  10. it is a shame that ebay don't sort out the listing removal system better , people do automatically assume something is fake when its removed or vanished , but then fake ones get left to run ... its a no win situation !
  11. Thank you for your help. On the Swedish market of eBay called Tradera there are several sellers who are constantly selling fake Mulberry bags. Neither TRADERA nor Mulberry seems to bother.
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