Authenticate this Mulberry!

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  1. Hi there

    I am not saying it is fake but on my bayswater the disc is actually part of the inside pouch/pocket and is not on the other side as this one.

    My disc is actually attached to the second outside pocket and I brought mine from Harvey Nics so I know it is genuine. I also have it in Black and it is the same on this one, I personally wouldn't go for it - sorry:yes:
  2. ^^^Thanks, I thought it would be the perfect pink summer bag I ABSOLUTELY need
  3. It is a beatiful colour and the bag is great! Keep looking you will find one soon I hope!:yes:
  4. Yes it does have a serial number - the disc is still in a different place to mine though! Maybe this is a later model - I got mine over six months ago I am still not 100% sure of the authenticity though - sorry
  5. Some of the Bayswaters do have the disk located on the front inside of the bag i have the pink Bayswater and the red and they have the disk at the front and i purchased mine directly from Mulberry but without knowing the serial number i can not be sure of the authenticity . Can you ask if there is a serial number?
  6. Everything looks correct on this handbag to my pink one . My pink one also has a serial number but obviously it is different to this auction (as it should be) also with this one there is a two times moneyback guarantee on authenticity .
  7. I asked about the serial number. So you think that if there's the serial number the bag is authentic, right?
  8. Mulberry started by putting serial numbers on their bags and then stopped for a while but then they started again so the serial number does not always guarantee authenticity however when Mulberry look at the bag they can tell you if it is a genuine number i have looked at the pictures again and the second one (2 times moneyback authenticity guaranteed) is definately authentic the stitching is correct, the tree logos and Mulberry stamps are correct, the colour of the brass is correct and the dust bag is correct , i hope this helps:smile:
  9. Looking at all auctions for Mulberry bags, I was surprised at how these bags keep their resale price very close to the retail one - for used bags there's just 100 £ difference. Good to know!
  10. Yes they do not depreciate in value too much so if you decide to buy new and sell on at a later date to buy a new handbag you will make nearly all of your moneyback. Good luck with the Bayswater hunt (if that's the bag you decide on in the end) :smile:
  11. Well, I'm stuck with a brand-new Phoebe in Oak that I bought for 50% off thinking I could sell it on eBay...and they aren't even fetching what I paid for it. Sigh. So, I'll leave it in the bag for a while with the tags on and see whether things change this summer.

  12. Have you tried to sell it yet on Ebay or are you going off the current auctions on Ebay? Alot of the Phoebes are not real on Ebay so people would be over the moon to see an authentic Phoebe for the right price :yes:
  13. I have a Roxanne and although the style is different, one thing should remain the same and that is the Mulberry tree logo. In the picture I seen a few, but is is hard to tell in these pics. The inside of the purse is un-lined which is characteristic of Mulberry. If you can get them to send better pics of the buckles, they should say Mulberry on the sides of them, also ask where it is made. Turkey is one of the two places it is made now days. Hope this helps.