Authenticate This MULBERRY - read post 1 FIRST

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  1. Hi again - seller has posted some more pics

    Originally Posted by jerseymav
    Hi can you advise on authenticity of this

    item no 130411266456
    Small Bayswater
    Seller info Member ID s14cya

    To me, this one looks like a ledbury and rrp was 350/395 as far as I can remember. Inclined to think it is ok, but would like to see clear, close-up pics of interior label/stamp and serial, plese.
  2. Still no clear, close-up of interior label/stamp.....but I am still inclined to think it is ok, and yes - seems to be an outlet special.
  3. I think it looks good.
  4. Please post you future requests as advised in post #1, page 1 in this thread. That said, it is impossible to tell from those pics. Would need clear, close up pics of interior label/stamp, serial, handles with studs, "made in"-tag and better pics of the whole bag to assess leather(looks like saddle leather).

  5. Thanks Kris - Little Sis has decided against it .
  6. Probably a wise decision(in this case)....
  7. Item Name: Gorgeous Leather Mulberry Handbag in Unique Colour!
    Item Number: 140430612269
    Seller ID: kld1008

    Would love to find out if this is genuine as I could do with such a bag. If it is, can anyone tell me is the leather durable/easy to care for?

    Thank you so much in advance ladies :smile:

    My collection; Bayswater in oak, Annie in chocolate...dreaming of Bayswater clutch in red patent leather :P
  8. #58 Jul 22, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2010
    Hi Kris, Lakrits, Jazzy...
    I need your kind help authenticate this bag. Also, if you can tell me what kind of leather??
    It doesn't have serial number and it's missing shoulder protector pad :sad:
    Many thanks!

    Name: Mulberry Blenheim




    More pics attached:

    Attached Files:

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Not open for further replies.