Authenticate This MULBERRY - read post 1 FIRST

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  1. Originally Posted by P-M [​IMG] This bag was deemed as a fake earlier. The same seller has a purse for sale, which seems to be fake too. Correct me if Im wrong:

    Item: Mulberry Ladies black leather purse
    Item number: 280534657099
    Seller ID: user5859

    I was just comparing this to the genuine purse which I have bought from klp

    Be careful out there girls!

    I agree that it does not look good.
  2. Thanks! Contacted seller and will get back to you!
  3. Yes, you should be's fake.

    Edit; I would be very interested in serial number - could you please ask seller?
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    From the recently archived thread:

    I got the keyring yesterday and now have photos of my own. The only thing that seemed slightly odd to me was that the tiny screws are flat fronted on the front, but have the line across them on the back, if that makes sense - normally we see the line across on the front of full-size postman's locks. The ring is quite tarnished but that doesn't bother me.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Looks exactly like mine, I guess the small size is the reason for the difference you point out. You can see the same on bags(pockets) like Emmy.
  6. Thanks Kris, you're a star! this little purse (which reminds me a bit of a sporran, hehe) is so cute I think I might make it my TPF avatar - now I've passed the 5 days, and I can have one!
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    Slowhand-I'm wondering if this is the East West Bayswater ??? If so, I didn't think it comes with a padlock ????
  8. Thanks for that EGT - I'm not into the Bays family but wasn't sure it was a Bays either to be honest. I'm waiting for my sis to let me know if she want's to take it further before asking for more pics.
  9. My knowledge is VERY limited but ...

    As EGT says, on, the E/Ws aren't shown with a padlock.

    Your sis's would-be bag is listed as chocolate but looks black?
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