Authenticate This MULBERRY - read post 1 FIRST

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  1. Originally Posted by Ondrea [​IMG] Hi is it possible for anyone to have a look at this for me and any idea what the finish is listed as artificial leather? Then written as crossgrain getting me even more confused?
    Name - MUlberry - Salcombe
    Item number - 260638075253
    Seller - snowbabesnow

    Thanks a lot

    I have seen a bag in this material. It is a bit like scotchgrain but not as pebbled, more stripey if that makes any sense. I think it is called grossgrain.
  2. This bag was deemed as a fake earlier. The same seller has a purse for sale, which seems to be fake too. Correct me if Im wrong:

    Item: Mulberry Ladies black leather purse
    Item number: 280534657099
    Seller ID: user5859

    I was just comparing this to the genuine purse which I have bought from klp

    Be careful out there girls!

  3. Not sure about the purse....
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  6. thanks i'll ask
  7. thanks
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