Authenticate this Mulberry Please!

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  1. You need to ask to see the ID code on the back of the disc and I'd also ask to see the Mulberry tree logo up close. I'm not sure about this one - it's difficult to tell because the pictures are from a distance. It would be better to have a picture up close of the leather - it should be quite grainy looking. Hope that helps.
    I've not seen a Bayswater in this colour so it might be worth checking they made that colour.
  2. It's a tassel bayswater in coconut glove, coconut is very slightly off white. The bag looks genuine to me, although the tassel styles have never been popular sellers for Mulberry and can often be found in the sales!
  3. That's weird, JazzyJay, you would think people could just take off the tassels if they don't like them...though maybe it's the tooling that they don't like either?
  4. I think it is the stitching moreso than the tassels, but also they made the tassel range in some weird colours - the coconut is probably the least offensive of the tassel range. The tassel phoebe, as I understand it, was particularly hard to shift.
  5. How much do these usually cost in the sales?
  6. I know that they made the Emmy in Vanilla, but the color of the bottom feet and the metal plate look like they are too browny/bronze. My Mulberry doesn't look that shade. JMO :confused1:
    [​IMG]This is from Net-A Porter at $995. Vanilla Darwin Leather.
  7. This is the coconut on EBay...Note the plate color where the closure is.
  8. [​IMG] Close-up of the Mulberry closure on the Net-A Porter bag.:yes:
  9. The hardware on the coconut tassel is bronze whereas on the vanilla it is brass. The exact same model and colour can have different colour hardware and/or stitching and have the interior leather label in a different place too. Also, the vanilla is darwin whereas the coconut is glove, so they are almost too different animals.
  10. what is glove leather by the way?!
  11. According to the care card that Mulberry supply, matt glove is a naturally tanned, heavily grained, butter soft Italian leather, as opposed to darwin which has been developed using a unique, vegetable tanning process, which brings out the natural characteristics of the leather.

    Essentially, darwin will mark easily and age quickly whereas glove is more robust.
  12. I see so would this bag in general be a good buy or?
  13. Mmm, well that's a difficult question, it is worth what someone will pay for it and that depends whether you want to buy it for yourself or to sell on. If it is the latter then, the starting bid is slightly too high in my opinion, although not by much, but I don't know the US Mulberry market, so I can only comment on the UK and European one. If I had bought this bag to sell, I would be expecting to realise about 200-225 UK pounds for it, maybe a bit more on a good day, which would equate to about $380-$425, so I would need to be buying it at some way less than the prices on that listing. This is purely based on the bag not being particularly popular sellers. If it didn't have the tassels and stitching, it would be worth more in the same coconut colour.

  14. I just bought a bayswater and LOVE it so i think it's a GREAT buy. I still owe pictures to this board, i promised that i would post as soon as i got the bag. I've been admiring it everyday!!!!

    By the way, what is the disc??? I can't seem to find a serial number on my bag anywhere. maybe the model in the US is slightly different from the US in the UK? or maybe they are slightly different year to year. for example, on my bag, the mulberry logo is not located on the right hand side of the inside zipper pouch..........