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  1. might help if i added the reply! duh...

    you are more than welcome to come to Harrogate and examine my bag. There is no serial number on my bag, as this was only introduced by Mulberry about 3 years ago in an attempt to stop the sale of fake bags. There is a "made in" label in the bag with the eu on the reverse, this depicts the year and season of the bag. Mulberry used to make all their bags in the England, but started outsourcing them a few years ago, mine was made in Spain. Also, mine does not come with a padlock, again, my bag is 3/4 years old, pre padlock days! I'm sure you will love it, the condition is clean on the inside as well, but as I said, please feel free to come any time and inspect it for yourself.
    re this bag...
  2. hi - the seller has added two additional photos, but not sure if they will be sufficient. Really appreciate the advice. Item details again are

    Item Name: Bayswayter Clutch
    Item Number:320784847916
    Seller ID: steve-adey

    Thank you so much.
  3. It looks good.
  4. Please ensure that future posts are in the format as stated in #1 of this thread. That said, it looks good.
  5. Not all bags have the made in tag. Would like see the magnetic fasteners both parts please.
  6. I can't enlarge the photos. Inclined to think ok though, would like to see a clear close up of magnetic fasteners please.
  7. Inclined to think ok, would have to see the photos Jazzy requested to assess properly. The info is basically correct, maybe a little older and there was padlocks on some older bags but not all.
  8. thanks so much i have requested this from the seller.
  9. thank you.
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