Authenticate this mulberry kensington please

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Mar 4, 2010
Hello there,

I hope some of you can help me fight an injustice. I have been sold a fake mulberry bag from ebay, despite assurances from the seller that its genuine.

There is a paypal investigation open and they have given me 10 days to provide proof of the allegation.

Mulberry will not help. I'm trying to get help from a local dept store who are authorised mulberry dealers. So this post is a plea for your help.

We beleive the bag is a fake because:

1. The clasp is of poor quality

2. The serial number is 026904 - google searches with it and mulberry have opened a pandoras box of matches

3. The main zip is left to right

4. Finishing isnt "right"

The original ebay item is here:

Additional photos are here (taken today):

Also, it would appear a post has already been made on the bag on this forum already!

Thats it for now, I hope with your replies - it will help strengthen our case. If theres anything else you need, please ask :smile:

Thanks everyone.
Not open for further replies.