Authenticate this Mulberry bayswater

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  1. No paypal- I'm not buying even for £9.99!!!! Why start with such a low price with no reserve?? the fake Elgin i bought started at £150 !!!! Confused!
  2. I only had to click on the link and see the pic of the inside (it is fake) I have looked at the other pics to make sure and i can say 100% that it is a replica (please report this and i will too)
  3. Ok - will do. the bag now has bids!
  4. Ghastly fake!
  5. FAKE!!
    the chocolate bayswater do NOT have white stitching on it! only the oak has..
  6. SOLD for £165.00 :yucky: I don't know what eBay is playing at i reported via 2 methods including my supposed priority email for being a Powerseller :shrugs:I also know of one other person here at the PF and i asked 2 family members to report :cursing:
  7. Right. I think we should all start posting up the fake eBay listings and all reort them. I looked up some Emmys a couple of days ago and some of them were just shocking. I reported all of the ones that were definite fakes and none of them were removed - and people have actually spent money on this garbage. It really makes me fume! :rant::mad::censor::cursing:
  8. I reported it too! It may take a few days for it to disappear but some poor sucker may have parted with their money by then!