Authenticate This: Mulberry bayswater

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  1. The leather looks good and that particular seller has 100% feedback. I've seen other stuff she's sold and it's looked authentic but I personally haven't seen that design bayswater before so wouldn't like to say for sure. Hopefully 'Mulberrylove' or 'sarajane' will see your thread soon and give you their thoughts!
  2. I've seen that design before and it's also started to show up at the outlets now. There were a couple of these at the Neiman Marcus Last Call in Milpitas a few days ago but I don't remember for how much. The bag looks authentic to me and the seller seems trustworthy.
  3. I have found the thread ;) thanks flyvetjo for your recommendation. Page two on the feedback :wtf: (not an authentic purse??) I am finding this handbag difficult to give a definate answer (it does concern me that this bag even from the outlet would cost over 4 times what the starting bid is and there is no reserve.) I am trying to look at the hardware colour closer to establish if it is genuine or not but the camera lighting is making it really difficult.
  4. ^^ Ooh good call. I just saw 100% positive so I didn't even look at all the feedbacks that carefully and yes, that feedback is a red flag. But it looks like it was resolved so maybe the buyer was mistaken? I perhaps shouldn't have spoken so quickly because I don't have the actual bag to compare it with. Ask for clearer pictures of the hardware.
  5. A clearer pic of the buckle inside the bag so i can look at the writing :yes:
  6. Thankyou for all your help in this so far!

    I have no feedback on eBay yet so it won't let me ask the seller a question :confused1: is there any way I can contact to ask for a close up of the buckles or do I have to find someone else who will ask on my behalf?