Authenticate This Moschino

  1. Is this purse real?






    the bag is a couple years old i think
    can anyone confirm if its authentic?

  2. i was just wondering if moschino knit scarves were faked. i stumbled on some on eBay my chance and they seem to be going for really cheap so im skeptical. or maybe moschino just doesnt go for as much as i thought it would. can anyone help?

    im looking at these patterns.

    TIA! :heart:
  3. Hi:o)I couldnt find a thread for this so i hope im doing this right:o):o(
    Do u think this is authentic?Thanks so much:o)
  4. Gotta love the shape thou eh? Talk about stylish.. good luck in your diagnosis. Wish I could help. I am sure someone will be able to... :smile:

  5. Thanks:o)
    Personally i dont like the shape,lol,but my friend is in love with it so im just checking on it for her:o)
  6. Hello! I bought this bag today from a seconhand market, from a fine old lady.
    I have no idea if this is fake or real, but the leather had aged so beautifully that i couldn´t resist buying it for 15 €.
    Have anyone ever seen bag like this? I think it will be used in a summer with a nice dress, real or not :smile:
    Here is a photo of the bag, unfortunetly big scratch happend while placing the bag under a buggy.

    Also, sorry for bad language, tv was my teacher..

  7. Anyone?
    Guess i just take the name labels off and use it as a beautifull old bag. There is no made in tag anywhere and zippers are metal. Fabrig inside the bag looks very used and is getiing thin.
    I was just wondering was there any pirate bag factoring at 1980´s? Would be nice of course if the bag is authentic, i just couldn´t find it anywhere from internet.
    Also, i have few authentic gorgeuos designer bags, and i hate fake factoring. This bag on the photo seems to be old and it has been used a lot, so i tought it might not be bad to use it.

    I would be very happy if someone knows the bag.

    Thanks in advance, Mustajuuri
  8. Hi, I hope you can help

    Last week I bought a lovely bag by Moschino and just wondered if any one could tell me the approximate age of it, and most importantly whether or not it is real.

    I bought it from a carboot/market and paid only £7 for it, not realising at all that Moschino was a bigger name than what I thought!

    I have a picture attached! :smile:

    I would just like to know a bit more about it, thanks in advance for your help!!
  9. hi, i recently purchased a moschino bag in a vintage shop. would like to know how can i find out if its authentic? it has a serial number on the other side of the heart that serves as the zipper slider. thank you.
  10. I don't see a picture?
  11. cannot c the pic
  12. this is an old thread from --Jan 9th, 2007
  13. could be authentic, but it's really a very old modell (and kind of outdated) that's why it is so cheap. but if you loke it you should go for it