Authenticate This Miu Miu - please read post 1 FIRST

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  1. Sorry, but the coffer you posted is a fake.
  2. Thanks ..Save me a lot of stress:nuts:

  3. Hi, can you tell me how to tell which part is fake? Thank you!
  4. Details look good. Ask for a better picture of the outer logo, close up of the top zipper-pull (front and back) and the overall bag just to be sure.
  5. The whole bag is fake.

    We don't give out details regarding how we know the bags are fake. There are many replicators that would love to have that information in order to perfect their fake bags and make it harder for us to determine authenticity.

    Where did you buy this bag from??
  6. 1)
    Item Name: Miu Miu by Prada Navy Matelasse Coffer Bag tPF member
    Item number: 110522904966
    Seller ID: iluvparisfashion
    Working Link:

    Item number: 370368163949
    Seller ID: designer-wonderland
    Working Link:

    Pls help authenticate these bags. Thanks.
  7. 1.) authentic
    2.) not sure on this one. Would like to see better pics of the outer logo and of the zipper brand. Hopefully Kiki can help with this one.
  8. Hi ladies, I asked earlier about this clutch and the seller has finally sent through some additional photos, not sure they help though:

    Item name: Miu Miu snakeskin red clutch -brand new RRP £650
    Item number: 160434163879
    eBay link:
    seller: scudi77
    comments: really love it - hope it is authentic! thanks so much in advance for you help.

    photobucket, extra photos:
  9. Would you lovely ladies be able to help me with two more clutches:

    1. Item name: Brand New Miu Miu Woven Leather Clutch Handbag
    eBay link:
    seller: judithling
    item number: 150443997553

    2. item name: Great Miu Miu metallic bag (clutch)!!
    eBay link:
    seller: silviejames2008
    item number: 220606046830

    thanks so much in advance!
  10. would like to see back of zipper head to be sure
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