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    NOTE: We prefer authenticators with over 500+ posts and an extensive knowledge of the brand and forum.

    Please post authenticity questions related to Miu Miu in this thread. This thread is a continuation of the previous Authentication thread that has been closed for posting.

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    Item Name:
    Item number:
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    Working Link:

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    Before you post for authentication, please use the "Search this Thread" tool by entering the sellers ID.

    ANOTHER WAY to help us help u is:

    **try to use the macro function of the camera on:

    - Front view of entire bag
    - Back Zipper & its end
    - interior logo
    - Clear picture of the interior lining with flash
    - "Made in/Serial" tags
  2. Thanks for your previous help! Glad I didn't buy the bag.

    Item Name:
    ™Miu Miu in Dunkelbraun
    Item number: 140408136902
    Seller ID: w4sagk
    Working Link: Here
    I am not sure if the stuff he/she sells is authentic.
    Es handelt sich um eine Haushalts- und Sammlungsauflösung, die ich im Auftrag für eine Bekannte aus Auxerre, Frankreich ausführe. Es geht hier um eine Menge von ca. 150 Markentaschen, welche nach und nach in die Auktion kommen. Die Verkäuferin war Schmuck- und Taschensammlerin, daher befindet sich alles in sehr gepflegtem, gutem Zustand. Die meisten Artikel wurden in den dazu gehörigen Dustbags aufbewahrt, welche auch mit fast allen Artikeln geliefert werden.

    Means: He/she sells the stuff for someone who lives in france and did a dissolving of her household. There are 150 bags and the seller collected jewelery and bags. They're all in perfect condition and most come with the original dustbags.

    You can also look at the other auctions, there's another Miu Miu bag.
  3. Not sure if it's the real stuff

    they do allow me to view the item before purchasing. wld appreciate if you all can provide any tips on what i shld look out for.

    thanks a million! :smile:
  4. Honestly, I have my doubts on this one. The Prada that she/he sold looks mighty sketchy to me as well. If it were me, I would pass on this one.
  5. Stock photos. Have you done a tpf search on the vendor? Also, what do you mean that they will let you "view" the item before purchasing? Is this a brick and mortar store?
  6. Hi Miu2. With the "MIU MIU Bauletto Matelasse Lux" the seller re-listed so hopefully. =)
    Also I show you my Miu Miu coffer in silver gray on the other site for you to do the verification for me but that post is close I'm not sure did you get a chance to see it. Can you tell me if it is auth. or not. Thank you!
  7. thanks miu2.i authenticate this bag for my friend.btw im also looking for harlequin bag & interested to know/learn miu miu important aspects for the way i just wonder what is the main criteria that we should focus on?
  8. Thank you so much! Would have been too good to be true.
  9. this one is fakey fake
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