Authenticate This Missoni

  1. Hello, I came across this unique Missoni bag recently, but have had little luck authenticating it. In fact, i've haven't found much information at all on the bag. Could someone take a look at the bag and let me know any information in reference to this Missoni?

    Attached are photos of the bag, and I can answer any questions regarding this bag. THANK YOU!!!!

    Sophie B
    missoni1.jpg missoni2.jpg missoni3.jpg missoni4.jpg missoni5.jpg
  2. Sophie - I am not an expert on Missoni, so I cannot give you input. However, can you resize your thumbnails to web-large? When you click on them they are still rather small, so any potential experts might have a hard time...:shrugs: However, the bag is very nice! Good luck!
  3. Thanks! Could you tell me how to do it? I'm not sure how to web large the pics for this site, I had to thumbnail resize them just to get them to fit. Thanks again for the input!
  4. I also wanted to add the picture of the metal MISSONI inprint on the front strap, but ran out of space.
  5. hi - i'm not sure if this is where i can get info on a missoni bag. i can't find a sub-category. i just received an [impulse] eBay purchase and 99% sure it's fake. it smells like plastic, isn't leather, and has a 'made in italy' fabric sticker - as in glued! - in the inside. it's described as 'linen' but it's not even cloth - it's plastic. the seller insists she bought it in a department store and won't take it back. i can't find anything like it anywhere else. i need a little back up to return this fake.
    here's the link and i have close up photos if necessary.
    thanks so much!
  6. yeah.. looks sort of fake.
  7. you might try emailing and see if Carol knows anything about this brand. She is a handbag authenticator.
  8. thanks! i'll try her.
  9. Hello!

    I wanted to ask you all about Missoni Handbags and what kind of knowledge you may have about them. Are there any particular Authentic Missoni "markers" one should look for?

    I bought one on eBay last March 2009. There is a label on the front of the bag that says "Missoni" in the Missoni Font. Also in the inside label and underneath it - it says "Made in Italy". Also says "Missoni" on the outside zipper pull- but the zipper pull on the inside is blank. The fabric texture and design is amazing.

    Also this is not an "M Missoni" bag it is regular "Missoni".

    I have done a lot of research on Missoni Handbags and can't seem to come up with anything RE: Fakes except that fakes will be labeled "Mssoni" (leaving out the second "i".)

    Anyway I love my bag and it came with a dust bag and tags attached that are exactly the Missoni tags you would expect. It SEEMS authentic but my brow furrows a little b/c the stitching on the label inside isn't PERFECT.

    Anyway I have a link below of the bag that I bought. You have to scroll down to see the pictures when you open the link. Below that are more Missoni handbags from the same seller I purchased the bag from. (She has her own store now online.) As you can see from her reviews via eBay she is a trusted seller. Let me know your thoughts! Thank You! I appreciate your time!

    All the Best-

  10. saw many M Missoni bags (similar to the two below listings) @Loehmann's & wondering if someone could tell me if they're real or fake? why would M Missoni use PVC? couldn't find where they were made (maybe china?) -where would i find that on the bag? thanks.
  11. Did you find anything out about those M Missoni bags?
  12. I actually purchased one of the Missoni bags with the fake leather handles on Ebay. I complained to the seller stating that I thought it was a fake and why. He swears he bought a few from Loehmann's and that if you buy items from there they are authentic. Hmmm.....
  13. i saw them myself at Loehmans too. M Missoni is a lower end label of the fashion house

    filenes basement had some very REAL but cheap looking M Missoni, plastic not real leather... so I hope we have not falsely accused the seller :oh:
  14. Please notice that those Missoni bags we are talking about look different from the current M Missoni brand sold everywhere else. Look at the tags. I have always been confused about it. I used to see this type of " M Missoni" long time ago and Daffy's a few years back. Is this the older version on the current M Missoni tag?