Authenticate This Mike & Chris

  1. I've been looking for a Mike & Chris Berkeley for a while now. I have a Boris of my own, and the last Berkeley I saw had a plain lining like it, but the one at the link below has a patterned lining, but appears to have the right label.

    Can anyone with a Berkeley tell me if this is one too:

  2. Hi...did you receive the pics that I emailed to you? I've also contacted Mike & Chris for assistance! I wouldn't recommend bidding until we hear from them!
  3. I just received a second email from the seller. I had written to her to inquire about the lining since her's is patterned and mine is solid. She explained that her bag was a few seasons old, so that would explain the difference. The designers changed the lining and possibly other minute things about the bag over the course of time. She sounds quite nice and reputable!
  4. I just got your PM's! I also emailed the M&C about the lining and sent them the link to the bag. I know they've only been making bags for a few seasons, and it's possible this was a prototype but I'm still wary...

    Is it horrible that the lining turns me off? I suppose if it was the dark green or any other color, I might be a little more forgiving, but I probably won't end up bidding on it; I'm just not a brown kind of girl. I almost got my paws on a gently used dark green one, but someone offered the seller a price near retail and I just couldn't outbid them. I'm sick with jealousy that you have two! What color is your other one?
  5. I received an email from Mike & Chris as well!! We are both in agreement about the lining of the Berkeley.....I think it's ugly. Why they would have ever chosen it is beyond me!!:tdown:The current lining is just so know sometimes less is more. It's just classier. As to my bags, I have only carried the one brown Berkeley. I also have it in black and I have a black Austin. Neither of those bags have ever been carried....actually, they are still in their shipping boxes. I would sell either if I could do so without losing any money, but considering no one is buying much on eBay unless it's practically free, I'm not even going to bother. I paid $350 for the Berkeley and I believe $375 for the Austin. The dark green that was for sale on eBay was beautiful....I was watching that one also. Can't remember what it went for though. Did it really sell for close to retail? The retail on the Austin was over $800 and I think it was about the same for the Berkeley...was it not? Recently, I found two Berkeley bags available at an online store, but can't remember where. I will spend some time researching it and let you know if I find the site. These bags are TDF!!!!

    So this item doesn't have the side tag stitched on the inside lining...don't ALL authentic Mike & Chris Jackets have a tag stitched into the inside lining on the left? Also the grommets aren't attached to the lining...I thought those usually went through the leather and the lining but I could be wrong on that because my other Mike & Chris style doesn't have grommets.

    Worst off, he claimed it was authentic and I didn't question him at first because he's got good ratings.

    Please help!
  7. I've been dying to buy a mike & chris maxwell leather hoodie in brown for the longest time! I finally caved in ($895 is no small sum) and tried to buy a brown one on singer22 only to get my order canceled because they were out of stock.

    I'm scared to buy on eBay but this one actually looks authentic and in great condition with tags.

    What do you think? Should I buy it? I rarely see them on ebay and I'm scared it's going to be sold before I finally decide! Please help!
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  10. I've been looking for the Mike & Chris Jesse jacket for a while and lost an auction recently :sad:. I keep seeing this user franck0620 who sells the jackets but it seems like his supply is beyond ridiculous. Does anyone know if he's authentic? His rating is very high but I don't know.. seems fake. Thank you so much I appreciate it. :smile:
  11. I bought two M&C jackets from him. They both looks legit to me. To rest assure your concern about authenticity go to this thread- fake mike & Chris. I hope this will answer your question.