Authenticate This MICHAEL KORS

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  1. Authentic.
  2. Thank you so much
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  3. Thank you
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  4. Hello dear authenticators, I would like to ask, if you can authenticate this bag for me.
    • Item: Large Dee Dee Convertible Leather Tote Bag. Saffiano leather, Luggage colour, GHW.
    • Link (if available): MICHAEL KORS Dee Dee Medium Tote Luggage Leather Ladies Handbag...1,991.60 CZK5 Bids+ 488.79 CZKEnded
    • Seller: annesattic1953
    • Who took the pictures: I did.
    • History of the bag: pre-owned by the seller
    • Comments: I have won an Ebay auction and the bag came yesterday. It looks and feels great, realy nice condition for the price, I just want to be sure about authentocity as long as I have a warranty. Bag was listed as Dee Dee Medium, but it is obviously Dee Dee Large.

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  5. It's authentic.
  6. Thank you so much! Have a nice day
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  7. Hi,
    Could you please autheticate this? I want to buy this from private seller. Thank you

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  8. Authentic.
  9. My family friend gave this to me & she swears its real, but I'm not so sure.... please help!

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    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I'm new to this forum (any online forum really) but known about TPF for years. So hopefully you don't feel my awkwardness through the screens :biggrin:

    Anyway, I wanted to get some insight from anyone who can help authenticate a backpack I recently bought off It feels and looks pretty legit but wanted some better trained eyes to help out and ease my paranoia a lil. All help is very much appreciated! Let me know if better pics or info are needed.

    Item: Michael Kors Evie Small Backpack

    20200121_194428.jpg 20200121_194611.jpg
    20200121_200620.jpg 20200121_194726.jpg 20200121_195914.jpg

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  11. Also, bottom of the bag
  12. Authentic.
  13. Hi everyone

    I bought a bag recently on ebay as new. The bag looks really real but the smell of the bag is like the smell of PU leather. That is why I'm asking if someone can help. I took some photos and more info here :

    • SERIAL NUMBER: 32T8GF5C1L manufactured in Indonesia (see photos)
    Thanks to all in advance!

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    Thank you so much!
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  15. Thanks! But is that reply for me or to ChocoBunster? X