Authenticate This MICHAEL KORS

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  1. B4E6077F-8DFE-473A-A7A9-1CC5B7D5D68B.jpeg DD5972ED-5505-4867-A2F9-BB258A617162.jpeg 8DCCBFA2-82D8-4660-8E43-3FD0644E09CE.jpeg Good day. This is a MK bag I got as a present a few days ago. Can anyone authenticate it pls?
    A9FD7D94-C3D7-417E-9812-D012A87049D8.jpeg D8C8E9E5-0FFB-4A53-B391-85AC642A37C2.jpeg
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  2. Hello. So sorry to bother you but I received this as a gift. It is an extremely beautiful bag. I would like to get it authenticated. Try as I might I couldn't find the made in tag inside which is there in all my other mk bags. Posting rest of the pics
    IMG_20190207_160248.jpg IMG_20190207_160459.jpg IMG_20190207_160148.jpg IMG_20190207_160151.jpg IMG_20190207_160602.jpg IMG_20190207_160705.jpg IMG_20190207_160523.jpg IMG_20190207_160534.jpg IMG_20190207_160008.jpg IMG_20190207_160718.jpg
  3. More pics
    IMG_20190207_160811.jpg IMG_20190207_160846.jpg IMG_20190207_160759.jpg IMG_20190207_160806.jpg IMG_20190207_160740.jpg IMG_20190207_160751.jpg IMG_20190207_160718.jpg
  4. It's authentic. Enjoy!
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  5. OMG! Thank you so very much!! :smile:
    Any clue as to why the inside "made in" tag is absent?
  6. OMG! Thank you so very much!! :smile:
    Any clue as to why the inside "made in" tag is absent?
  7. They are hard to find. Try looking inside the lined zippered area of the bag.
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  8. Hello again,

    Minded to buy this, and need second opinion from you @cdtracing

    Thank you...
    IMG_7868.PNG IMG_7869.JPG IMG_7870.JPG IMG_7871.JPG
  9. It's authentic. A pretty color! Enjoy.
  10. Hello;
    I just received my online order. Could you please help me to authenticate it? Many thanks.

    IMG_02631.JPG IMG_02651.JPG IMG_02681.JPG IMG_02731.JPG IMG_02781.JPG IMG_02741.JPG IMG_02751.JPG m_5c3d4d1025457a24e2837a38.jpg
  11. Hi all! So this cross bag was delivered today. Looks fantastic in my eyes but your opinion on authenticity would be so appreciated.
    536C53C6-D2C7-4163-AB57-6548C6ACA9A1.jpeg DB16D33D-FB93-4DF8-94D1-348B005689B7.jpeg 15ACBB23-D3FE-41B0-AEC6-3A8048B824BF.jpeg 14C175FD-5D61-49EC-9E1D-EE6C53AFE31A.jpeg 7ABF781E-8C9B-4AA4-97DF-01149ABAB057.jpeg D4E99104-17BE-49B3-86DC-E7509D6765EF.jpeg
  12. I need to see a clear picture of the full black made in country tag.
  13. Yes here it is thank u