Authenticate This MICHAEL KORS

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  1. Hello!
    Today I brought the bag to the mk boutique and they said its authentic! ☺☺ Thank you so much!
  2. Normally, SA's do not authenticate bags & are often told not to do so, especially if the bag was not bought from the boutique. I'm glad you found someone to authenticate the bag but I still stand by my evaluation due to to style number mistake. I would rather err on the side of caution.
  3. i bought this at a local thrift store and was wondering if it was real or fake thank you
    purses3 005.JPG
  4. Authenticity cannot be determined by 1 picture. In the first post of this thread is a list of pictures needed to evaluate your bag. Please make sure the pics are clear & focused. Thanks.
  6. I forgot 2nd pic, sorry my camera isnt very good
    purses3 006.JPG
  7. real?
  8. real or fake? no tags inside real leather, comes with MK tag (care instructions) inside pocket
    ml 001.JPG ml 002.JPG ml 003.JPG
  9. I still need to see more pictures...heat stamp, made in country interior tag & interior stitching.

    I need to see the small interior made in country interior tag.
  10. I dont see any tags inside purse
  11. There should be a small, probably clear or translucent tag inside along the seam.
  12. well im having issues with my camera and memory card reader so i havent been able to upload any more pics
  13. That's ok. I'm going oit of town & will not have internet. I will be back Sunday night. Hopefully, your camera issues will be resolved by then.
  14. I need to see key things inside the bag. When it arrives, please post pics of the heat stamp, the interior black tag (both sides), & interior stitching. If it comes with the MK retail tag, please post that as well.