Authenticate This MICHAEL KORS

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  1. Thank you!!
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  2. Just looking to autenticate this micheal kors bag thanks
    15466003088139136824878848829414.jpg 15466003511858621124349345197609.jpg 15466003813533759766194014503368.jpg 15466005614004887515998658129678.jpg 15466005902583253827378645605596.jpg
  3. would like to see clear pics of interior stitching at pockets.
  4. Hi thanks are these any good
    15466300329066803074325460439117.jpg 15466300718887720448378032223310.jpg 15466301852256990082537122881535.jpg
  5. It's authentic. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks so much do you know if this is an old bag
  7. Yes, it's an older bag from the outlet.
  8. Thanks again
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  9. Hi authenticators,

    Would like your assistance to verify this Michael Kors bag for me
    The seller claims is genuine but the price is too good to be true
    but who knows, its my luck

    Location : Malaysia
    Seller : prelovedplussize__
    Link :
    MK1.jpg MK2.jpg MK3.jpg MK4.jpg
  10. Fake, Fake, Fake!!!
  11. I reached out to Michael Kors customer service and this was their response:
    Hello Value Customer ,

    Thank you for contacting Michael Kors. Based on the images provided to us and included below, the product doesn’t appear to be one of ours. All small leather goods include a Country of Origin code (two letters followed by four digits, i.e. AV-1701) located on small tag sewn into the interior seam.Several of its design elements are inconsistent with the characteristics of genuine Michael Kors product, including:
    The quality of the material on the exterior and interior
    The zipper pulls
    The hardware
    The straps
    The overall design elements
  12. I never said the bag was authentic. I had major concerns about the interior & lining, on top of the zipper & hardware. I could not see any heat stamp or interior tags. Without the proper heat stamp & interior made in tags, pass it by. You said when you asked for interior pics, the seller cancelled the sale. That, in itself, is a good indication it's counterfeit.
  13. Correct. You had to see more. That prompted me to ask MK directly. Thought I’d share in case this item pops up again for sale. I was able to cancel my bid and get a refund. Thanks for your help!
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  14. Item: Michael Kors Small Whitney
    Listing number: 264101926114
    Comments: Is this an authentic bag? I have looked at multiple listings for this bag, and all look authenic, but I have noticed 4 different tags. Some say "Whitney", some say "M tote", and 2 have stickers. I'm so confused. I would be so grateful if you guys could help me out! Thanks in adavance!!
    Screenshot_20190109-085954_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190109-085816_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190109-085754_eBay.jpg Screenshot_20190109-084514_eBay.jpg
  15. @MamaHen217 I need to see pics of interior of bag along with clear pics of the heat stamp & both sides of the interior made in country tag.